Good Coffee Doing Good x Trees for Kibira

by Amanda Pantas September 18, 2020 2 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that our first Good Coffee Doing Good campaign raised $5320.00 for the Long Miles Coffee / Trees for Kibira initiative!We couldn’t have done this without your support in purchasing the coffee and the merchandise in our Good Coffee Doing Good range.


Good Coffee Doing Good is a platform we launched earlier this year to talk about coffees through the lens of community and relationships. We work with so many incredible farmers, producers and partners across the globe, and we want to share those relationships and stories with you in a little more depth.

We hope that inviting you into this world helps you feel more connected to the source of your favourite coffees and also more informed about the coffee supply chain.

Furthermore, we want to give back and support our coffee community, and to do that we need your help! Every time we release a Good Coffee Doing Good, we’ll let you know how you can be involved.

Our initial Good Coffee Doing Good release featured the delicious Burundi Nini from The Long Miles Coffee Project.

The coffee was so delicious, juicy and complex; in the cup we were tasting blackberry, mango and peach with vanilla, cacao nibs and cola in the finish. It was a sad day to roast the last of this extremely special coffee, but we’re thrilled to announce our fundraising efforts.

For every 250g of the coffee we sold, we committed to donating $2 to the Trees for Kibira project, along with $5 from every Good Coffee Doing Good t-shirt. Through these sales, together we raised A$5320.00 for the Trees for Kibira project. 

Run by Long Miles Coffee in Burundi, Trees for Kibira is a tree-planting endeavour, with aims to plant green belts of trees around every hill in Burundi where coffee is grown. This will help sew nutrients back into the soil, resulting in healthier coffee trees, rejuvenated farms and more sustainable farming practices.

Since its launch in 2018, Trees for Kibira has distributed 322,000 indigenous and agroforestry trees to 2,700 farmers. Along with the benefits to the environment and keeping the land fertile and arable in Burundi, the project has also created 406 jobs since its launch in 2018. At a cost-to-date of US$140 per 1000 trees, we know that the money we have raised will go a long way in Burundi.

Ben Carlson, the founder of Longs Miles Coffee, was extremely thankful to our customers for their generous purchases. He said that the “funds will plant literally thousands of trees and be a legacy that far out lives anything we can do in a single life-time.”

We’re so proud to be part of a community striving for better things for the planet and for humanity. We sincerely thank each and every one of you who purchased the coffee or a Good Coffee Doing Good t-shirt. 

You can read more about Long Miles Coffee and Trees for Kibira here

Our next Good Coffee Doing Good campaign will be launching in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for how you can be involved!


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