Barbara brews Ethiopia Konga Sede

by Amanda Pantas December 22, 2020 3 min read

For this fortnight's exclusive Fresh Crop content, Barbara shares her recipes for brewing with a returning favourite, Ethiopia Konga Sede.

The Ethiopia Konga Sede has been such a highlight on our coffee menu over the last few months, and we’re really proud to be showcasing this delicious coffee once again for our Fresh Crop subscribers.

As I’m grinding the small coffee beans, which are characteristic of the heirloom varietal, the smell of juicy apricots starts to fill the air in the Padre Coffee Roastery.  

You will soon discover this is not only present in the dry aroma, but also in the cup.  When taking a sip, you will notice the soft floral notes, stewed apricot and pear, a hint of blackcurrant tartness followed by lingering toffee.

Konga is a micro region just outside the town of Yirgacheffe, and this coffee is named after the local tribe, Konga Sede. This washed process lot is typical of Yirgacheffe Ethiopians: sweet, balanced and delightfully complex.

For this recipe, I decided to brew with the 6 Cup Chemex and a Coffee Sock, which is wonderful to brew with because it doesn’t leave a papery taste as regular paper filters sometimes do.

Brewing this coffee using a Chemex helps to extract all the sweetness this coffee has to offer, and I really hope you enjoy the recipe!


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Sede Chemex Recipe 

Dose: 27g 
Grind size: medium course 
Yield: 400g 
Brew Time: 3:30 min 
Ratio: 1:1.14 
Water Temperature: 98°C





Preheat your kettle to 98 degrees. For optimal flavour, use filtered water in your kettle.

Open up your paper filter and place it in the Chemex so that three layers are against the spout. This is going to help the paper maintain its shape throughout the brewing process.

Next, wet the filter with the water from your kettle. This is going to serve two purposes, getting rid of the papery flavour of your filter paper and also pre-heating your Chemex.

Dispose of this water by pouring it out of the Chemex on the side opposite its spout. Again, this is to help maintain the structure of your filter paper and prevent it from collapsing into the spout while you brew.

Add your ground coffee into the centre of the filter paper and give it a gentle shake to level out the coffee bed.

Place your Chemex on the scale and tare to 0g.




Start the timer. Begin by wetting the coffee grinds evenly with 60g of water for 45 seconds.  This is called a ‘bloom’, which helps to release any trapped gasses in the coffee bed.


Pour slowly and in circular motion, stopping when the scale reads 200g (around 1:10 mark). Make sure you’re wetting the entire coffee bed to evenly extract the coffee.


Continue pouring slowly and in circular motion until you reach 400g (around 2:45 mark).


Once all the water has filtered through your filter paper, your brew is finished! Dispose of your filter paper and enjoy your coffee!



Dose: 18.5g 
Yield: 30g 
Time: 30 seconds 
Grind size: Fine, Breville Smart Grinder Pro: 11 
Grind time: 17 seconds 
Ratio: 1:1.62

Note: This espresso recipe is developed on a Breville Bambino Plus Coffee Machine.

Please use this as a guide to aid in achieving your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio, so it works best for your set up.


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