Brewing V60 at home by Charlie Wade

by Amanda Pantas May 22, 2020 2 min read

More often than not, we have at least one delicious Colombian coffee option on our menu. Throughout the years of roasting and brewing these coffees, our Padre Coffee community has grown fond of the great flavour associated with the quality coffee from Colombia's vast growing regions. 

Our latest addition, the Colombia Heider Estrella Los Deseos, is a washed coffee that hails from the Nariño region on Colombia's south-west coast. Nariño's unique climate conditions contribute to the special, sparkling quality of the coffees there. The dramatic slopes and valleys that comprise the landscape have a direct effect on the temperature modulation that creates these high-acidity, super sweet coffees.

In this video, I share my simple approach to brewing a delicious V60 at home with our Colombia Heider Estrella Los Deseos filter roast. Be sure to watch until the end for a reveal of the out-of-this-world flavour notes! 

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Place the Hario filter paper snugly inside of the filter cone. Position the cone on top of your server and rinse the paper filter with hot water to rinse any papery taste.

Discard the water from the server and tare your scale. Add coffee grounds to pourover cone. 



Start timer, then pour 45 grams of water onto your bed of coffee and ensure all the grounds are saturated. This part of the process is called the "bloom" and it prepares your coffee for the rest of the brewing process.


In a slow and circular motion, pour 155 grams of water on to coffee bed. 


Add remaining 200g of water until you reach 400 grams.


Once the brew reduces down to a drip, remove and discard the filter. Swirl it around a few times and smell the warm fruit flavours! 

A little side note: if you find your brew time is noticeably slower, it's a good indication that your grind size is too fine. If your brew time is too fast, it's a good indication your grind size is too coarse. Adjust your grind size accordingly to match the recommended brew time.

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