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Caitie brews our Colombia Marcos Ramos!

by Amanda Pantas April 27, 2021 3 min read


We asked Caitie from Padre Coffee Noosa to share her recipes for brewing our new Colombia Marcos Ramos on both filter and espresso!

When I was first asked to write a little ditty about the new Colombian to be released, I was worried I wouldn’t be the one to do it justice. I have strong affinities to a fruity, natural processed Ethiopian for example, which, in my decade of working with coffee I have found to be starkly different to most Colombian’s I’ve experienced.

And yeah, this was still the case with this washed Colombian by producer Marcos Ramos, but in ALL the right ways! 

First a little background information. Marcos inherited Finca La Laguna from his father five years ago in the coffee growing region of Tolima. Due to numerous conflicts in this Municipality, this farm would usually be difficult to access and export from.

Thankfully, he was granted exemptions from these lockdowns and as Caturra varietals are so susceptible to disease, he believes his plantation remained so healthy because of the access to labor.  

Now, let’s talk flavour. Picture this; a deconstructed apple crumble. Creamy caramel up front, Packed full of cinnamon spiced red apple, and a subtle twist of grapefruit bitterness.

On espresso, these profiles each hit you in their own special way, and when paired with milk it becomes smooth and buttery, like a scoop of ice cream with a freshly baked apple crumble. A cup you simply cannot put back down until it’s empty. 

On filter, it becomes a whole new world of deliciousness. It really brings out the sweet red apple and cinnamon, which you immediately smell once the water hits the grinds.

I chose to make an Aeropress recipe for you as it has great benefits to make a slightly stronger brew than your other filter methods, which wonderfully compliments this coffee in particular.

Filter Recipe (Aeropress) 

You will need:

  • Aeropress
  • Paper filter
  • Colombia Marcos Ramos filter coffee, freshly ground
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Kettle
  • Filtered water
  • Bamboo stirrer
  • Cup for serving


  • Dose: 10g
  • Yield: 200ml
  • Brew time: 2:30m 
  • Temp:  96 degrees
  • Bloom: 30g/30sec
  • Ratio: 1:20


First, turn on your kettle. Put the filter into the basket of the Aeropress and dampen it with water to remove any paper-y flavours. 

While the kettle boils, grind your coffee (if it’s not already ground by your friendly barista) and set up your Aeropress in the inverted position. The plunging part of the Aeropress should be positioned on or above the (upside-down) number 4 on the chamber. Then place your ground coffee into the chamber. 

Once your kettle has reached 96 degrees, place the Aeropress on the scales, tare them and prepare your timer. Once you start the timer, begin pouring your bloom.



0:00 - 00:30

Pour 30g of hot water onto your coffee. Give this a bit of agitation with your stirrer to ensure all the grinds are coated in water in order to degas the coffee. 

00:30 - 02:00

Pour the remaining 170g of hot water into the chamber and twist the basket and wet filter on top of the Aeropress, making sure it’s on nice and tight.



Flip your Aeropress onto your desired cup (make sure it’s a nice sturdy one that fits the basket nicely and isn’t going to go flying!) and apply pressure to the plunger, slowly pressing down over the next 30 seconds. Aim to finish the extraction right on 2:30, you will hear a gentle hiss when your coffee is ready. 


2:30 - onwards

Once the brew is complete, take the time to enjoy your coffee slowly. The sweetness of this coffee is only enhanced as it is given time to cool down, and the sweet red apple really gets it’s time to shine!


Espresso Recipe 

Dose: 22.5g on very fine setting 
Yield: 40g out
Time: 32 seconds
Ratio: 1:1.78


Photos by Jonathan Suarez

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