Limited Edition Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond

by Fay Kamanis October 09, 2020 2 min read

We're thrilled to introduce our latest Limited Edition coffee,
the Black Diamond! 


A note from Fay, Director of Coffee. 


Coffee is all about connection. Connection not only to amazing coffees, but to exceptional people.

Our love and appreciation for coffees produced by Oscar and Francisca Chacon began in 2015 with a beautiful black honey process from Finca Cumbres de Poas – smooth, sweet and incredibly complex. It was a stunning example of their hard work and dedication to quality, from harvest to cup. 

Needless to say, we were hooked. Although we didn’t meet right away, we knew that we were supporting a family whose focus was on their community, on caring for and considering the environment, and innovation. Since this introduction to Las Lajas, we have eagerly awaited the beginning of every crop year to source a new coffee to share with you, while supporting Oscar and Francisca.

Fast forward to March 2019, Charlie Wade and I packed our bags and travelled to Costa Rica and met the lovely Chacon family. We spent a wonderful day at Las Lajas getting to know them over coffee and cake.

We cupped many of their fresh lots for the coming year and toured their meticulous and well thought out farms and facilities that contribute to the high-quality honeys and naturals they produce year after year.

Oscar, Francisca and their children shared their space and time with us so generously and it was a day that neither Charlie nor I will forget.

Although we couldn’t return to Las Lajas this year, we are extremely excited to support and connect with the Chacon family by showcasing this very special (and very limited) coffee – The Diamond.

Love, Fay. 



Read Charlie Wade's blog post on Padre's origin trip to Costa Rica!

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