Limited Edition Costa Rica Alma Negra

by Charlie Ruiters October 09, 2020 2 min read

Our Limited Edition Costa Rica Alma Negra was released in October of 2020. This coffee is no longer available, but you can continue to read Charlie's experience of his time at Finca Las Lajas and watch the video below.

  A note from Charlie Wade. 

For the team at Padre Coffee, Finca Las Lajas has become synonymous with premium Costa Rican coffee. Sourcing their coffee year after year since 2015 has given us a great appreciation for the level of care and quality the Chacon family has installed into the practices of cultivating and processing their world-famous coffees.

The Chacons’ focus on agroforestry and their rigorous attention to detail throughout each stage of the coffee growing process is evident in each sip of their outstanding coffees.

In 2019, my colleague and Padre Coffee director Fay Kamanis and I had an experience of a lifetime visiting Finca Las Lajas. I’ll never forget meeting Francesca and Oscar and being greeted with their broad smiles and warm souls. They are as ingrained in my mind as the breath-taking Costa Rican landscape.

Walking through the Las Lajas farm. 

Personally, my connection to Finca Las Lajas goes back many years before that trip, to my early days in the coffee industry. The very first time I was able to consciously discern a fruit flavour in coffee was in a coffee from this farm.

This moment was truly transcendental and was the inspiration for my entry in the Regional Brewer’s Cup competition last year. I was able to brew one of their incredible Red Honey processed coffees whilst sharing the story and connection to Las Lajas and the Chacons.

From the first interaction with Las Lajas to the last, each experience has left me more in awe of these incredible producers. We’re so honoured to have been able to feature back-to-back Limited Edition coffees from Francesca and Oscar Chacon. We cannot wait for you to taste the Alma Negra! 

Las Lajas co-owner and coffee producer Oscar Chacon.  


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