Meet Steve Arthy, Operations Manager, QLD

by Amanda Pantas February 05, 2021 3 min read

Steve Arthy
Operations Manager, QLD 

Affectionately known by staff in Noosa as Allan (for his namesake meercat meme), Steve is not just a talented barista and wholesale account manager - he is also the Queensland Operations Manager. 

Steve joined the Padre Coffee team in July 2018 as a barista. Steve’s previous experience in small business and natural affinity for people management, saw him move into the wholesale team as an account manager in 2019. Today, he heads up the team in Queensland.

Raised in Brisbane and now based in Mooloolaba, Steve isn’t far away from his first love – surfing.  You may see him out on the break first thing in the morning or checking the surf report while chasing his dog Momo down the beach. In his previous lives as a health coach, body builder, masseuse, water filter entrepreneur and Uber driver (to name a few – professional surfing didn’t work out), Steve has also pursued an interest in coffee along the way.

Steve also works with his wife Kate in their health and lifestyle business, Lifestyle Artists, and is a qualified PH360 coach.


What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

A typical day for me at Padre doesn’t really exist due to the varied nature of my role. Although, the undertones of everything I do is typical and central: to assist our teams to nail their function and purpose. To have more wins amongst the learnings whilst building a culture that encourages fulfillment and worthiness.

I’m often found in our Roastery at Noosa near a laptop or coffee machine, or on the road visiting Café Partners, usually with a batch brew or flat white in hand.

I’m pretty lucky as we have some of the best crew to work with, and the ever-changing nature of our business across wholesale, retail, production and tech means there are always plenty of challenges to tackle, which I love!

On the weekends though, a typical day would be coffee and a surf, projects at home, and a café meal or dinner somewhere special with my wife. 

What’s one thing you hope to achieve in 2021?

2021 for me is about creating opportunities for our team both internally, and also for our Café Partners and Retail Customers alike. No matter what is going on in the world, if we can help people to move forward in a positive way and experience something special on a daily basis, that would be a great result.

It also marks our 5 year anniversary in Noosa, which is a time to both reflect and also project forward into the next 5 years. It’s an exciting time to be working closely with our Melbourne team, but still be in a fresh and developing market in Queensland. It’s going to be a big year as we continue to reach more people through our focus on the quality of our product and service, and our growing Padre family.

What three words would you use to describe your role?


Solving problems is in my DNA, literally! I am innately curious, sometimes relentless, and my mind rarely stops thinking and attempting to fix or improve a situation. Good thing at Padre is there are constant challenges to overcome in multiple facets of the business. And most of the time, we get to the bottom of them pretty quick!


Constantly learning, always improving, is something that is part and parcel in my role. Fortunately I work alongside a hoard of highly trained and accomplished people, so I’m very much an eager student in a lot of areas. This allows me to then put on my teacher-hat and train and share what I’ve learnt along the way.


Ticking boxes and kicking goals is definitely fun and rewarding, however it’s the alignment in what I personally value and the impact it makes, that determines the depth of the reward. Whether it’s simply making someone’s day a little bit better through an amazing coffee, helping someone to fulfil their dream as a cafe owner, or hearing just how great our workplace is to be a part of, there are so many rewarding elements of what I do every day at Padre. 

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