Internationalist, Yoga, Psychology and of course coffee, meet Barbara

by Amanda Pantas March 20, 2019 3 min read

Our Padre Profiles Series introduces the incredible people behind our brand.

Meet Barbara, Production Assistant.


Tell us about your journey to Padre.

I grew up in Germany and moved to France to begin my Bachelor of Psychology Degree. During my time in France, I pretty much learned to speak French by conversing with customers through cafe work. I completed the first two years of my degree in Toulouse and Bordeaux in France, and the final year in Davis, California through an exchange program. 

I’ve had an interest in psychology since I was 13. I find it interesting how we can use psychology in daily life, family, partnerships, business. 

After completing the degree, I returned to Bordeaux and trained as a yoga teacher for three years, before deciding to make the move to Australia. I always wanted to go to Australia and figured it was then or never. 

I found Padre through The League of Honest Coffee, who were looking for a Barista. I jumped on Padre’s website, filled out an application form on the website and got a call! 

I’ve just moved to Brunswick East and am loving every minute. I knew I wanted to work with people, and within the coffee industry, and Padre is a great fit.

What's the most rewarding aspect of your role?

When I first began at Padre, I was working within the stores - both Brunswick East and South Melbourne Market.

Working in the stores there is a lot of direct customer contact - I particularly loved that interaction with regular customers and sharing little bits of life with them. 

Although there isn't that direct customer interaction working within the Production Team, I know that everything I do is seen by the customers, whether it’s through  preparing the coffee bags and especially assisting with packing online orders.

I love the teamwork aspect of the role, it’s nice to get into a flow, with one thing leading into another. And even though there’s a lot to do, you know you can rely on the team. 

Working within the Roastery is a lot of fun and super interesting - I’ll often pick up technical information from the Roast Team and it’s awesome to see the results in our warehouse cuppings and get involved with that. 

Three apps you can’t live without…

Probably the Facebook app because that’s how I keep in touch with friends and family.I use the Mind Body App to sign up for yoga classes.Lastly, maybe Whatsapp? I use my phone mainly for communication as I’ve got quite a lot of family in Germany and friends in France.

Favourite travel experience so far…

Hitch-hiking with my Mum in France. We hitch-hiked from Bordeaux to Toulouse to visit friends - it’s about 2 hours by car. We dressed up as Santa Clauses as it was around Christmas. We had this big sign saying ‘Santa is waiting for us in Toulouse’. She took some German beers over to France, to hand them out to the people who took us in their cars!

Ideal Sunday a.m to p.m…

It would start with an early wake up. I like getting up at around 6.30am, do some yoga, have a nice breakfast, maybe cook some fresh pancakes, then head out into nature for a hike or a trip down to the beach. Are we talking about future Sundays? Because that would include a dog!


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