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Burundi, Kibingo - Single Origin Filter

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This Burundi is a perfect example of a complex, funky, fruit-driven coffee. It is well suited for coffee-lovers who enjoy trying different flavour profiles and are searching for exciting and exotic flavours. If you're adventurous with your tastebuds, you will definitely enjoy this coffee!

From this coffee you can expect notes of melon, papaya, passionfruit, plum, cacao nibs, and soft lavender with a crisp acidity and a full, smooth body. 


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Single Origin Filter Coffee Description

We are excited to announce our newest single origin coffee, Burundi Kibingo! While Burundi's coffee production is relatively small, it has a significant presence in the specialty coffee world. Geographically, it’s well-suited for coffee growing with much of the country consisting of mountainous areas which provide an ideal attitude and climate for coffee production.

In Burundi, most farmers produce small batches of coffee grown on land areas that can cover less than 1 hectare. Once harvested, the producer then sells their cherries to a local washing station where they are processed and traded under a cooperative. Today, you can find more than 800,000 families involved in coffee growing across the country.

Our coffee comes from Kayanza, a well-known coffee region that boasts the second-highest number of washing stations in the country. This particular lot was processed at the Kibingo Washing Station located on both the Kirema and Kinga hills.

The station was originally constructed in 1978 on the Kibingo hill by a Belgian man by the name of Desmet. The construction was moved over to the Kirema and Kinga hills shortly after, due to a law preventing two coffee washing stations from overate within seven kilometers of each other. After relocating, they decided to keep the Kibingo name.

What sets this coffee apart is more than just the story of the washing station. The processing method for this coffee is natural with a unique twist. The ripe cherries are harvested and placed in GrainPro bags with the addition of LALCAFÉ CIMA yeast - saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast was developed for coffee production and is mixed with water until it’s smooth and lump-free. The mixture is then layered with the coffee cherries in the GrainPro bag. The bags are sealed, placed under shade, and left to ferment for 48 hours before being placed on African beds to dry for up to three weeks.

This additional step helps control the fermentation process against the risk of spoilage from the micro-organism, removes mucilage, and contributes to a clean and consistent cup. It also adds a complex, fruity, floral, and bright profile with citrus acidity and a silky mouthfeel.

As one can already guess, the final cup is beautifully complex and fruit-driven. You can expect notes of melon, papaya, passionfruit, plum, cacao nibs, and soft lavender with crisp acidity and a full, smooth body. It’s a great reminder of why we love Burundi coffee.

Coffee Breakdown

Natural - Red Bourbon varietals grown and harvested at an altitude of 1893masl in Burundi's Kayanza region.

In The Cup


V60 Filter Recipe

  • DOSE - 18g
  • YIELD - 270g
  • TIME - 2:30 min
  • TEMP - 96°C
  • RATIO - 1:14.2

We’ve created our filter recipes as a guide to help you achieve the same great flavours we experience in our coffees. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your manual brewing gear, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.

A small to big bag of happiness guide – to help your coffee loving ways.


1 – 2 cups daily
250g per fortnight

2 – 4 cups daily
500g per fortnight

6 – 8 cups daily
1kg per fortnight

Note – These guidelines use an estimate of 12–24 grams of coffee to allow for difference in dose size.

If you need help with any of our coffees, please reach out through and we’ll guide you along through the coffee journey.

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