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Lucky Boy is delicious as espresso but shines in milk with its incredible sweetness, subtle orange acidity and creamy body.

Since making its debut on our menu, Lucky Boy has proven to be quite the all rounder, winning over lovers of Aeropress and plunger brew methods, partially due to its boyish charm, but mainly thanks to its incredibly smooth texture.


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Espresso Blend Description

Lucky Boy is a coffee blend that is perfect for espresso lovers but truly shines when combined with milk. It has a unique flavour profile that boasts incredible sweetness, subtle hints of orange acidity, and a creamy body that is simply irresistible. Since its introduction to our menu, Lucky Boy has become a crowd favourite, winning over Aeropress and plunger brew fans with its boyish charm and smooth texture.

We created Lucky Boy in 2019 to complement our existing house favourites, and it has quickly become a cult classic in its own right. The key to its success is its simplicity, comprising only two components: the Guatemala Huehuetenango and the Brazil Sweet Espresso. The Guatemalan is a mild yet structured coffee with warm chocolate notes, while the Brazilian brings creaminess, sweetness, and a touch of body, finishing with toffee and vanilla. The two components complement each other perfectl