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Porlex Tall Grinder

Powerful, lightweight, and manually powered, the Porlex Tall Coffee Grinder is Japanese craftsmanship at its finest. Known worldwide for their ground-breaking coffee grinders, the specialty coffee industry has set Porlex portable hand grinders as the benchmark for value and quality, thanks to their unparalleled precision and sharp ceramic conical burrs. 

Designed and made entirely in Porlex's factory in Kagoshima Japan, the Tall Grinder is an excellent travel companion that produces consistently uniform grounds, suitable for any type of brew method. The ceramic conical burrs are designed to remain sharp for many years and cannot rust, are easy to clean and are a much better option than steel burrs. 

Porlex hand grinders are renowned for their speed and ease of grind. This is down to a couple of features: a long steel handle that connects solidly to the grinder and the ability to hold the grinder steadily in one hand while turning the handle with the other.

Take it with you across the world or down the street. Either way, it’ll grind your coffee with ease and consistency. The perfect addition to your at home brew setup, or gift for that coffee lover in your life. Lovers of the Aeropress - the Porlex Tall Grinder is the perfect companion, fitting snugly on top. 


  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramic, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Dimensions: 47mm Diameter x 226mm Tall
  • Hopper Capacity: 40g
  • Burrs: Ceramic Conical



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