Plunger Brew Guide

  • 400ml (three cup) glass plunger
  • Stirrer
  • Serving vessel or cups to decant into
  • Timer
  • Scales
  • 350ml fresh water, preferrably heated to just before boiling
  • 22g of delicious coffee, (3 – 14 days after roast, coarsely ground)

Preheat the plunger (and your cups or jug) with hot water to prevent the brew from cooling.
Once your plunger’s warm, empty it out and add the coffee.
[ we use about 10g per 180ml; scale up here if you need to]


Add your hot water, stopping well short of the plunger’s brim, and stir briskly to soak the coffee and kick start extraction.
Keep stirring and count to 120 (that’s 2 minutes, not 120 stirs)
[keeping the coffee in motion speeds up brewing, but if there’s someplace you’d rather be it’s okay to leave it alone – just add an extra two minutes to the brew time]


Settle the lid over the plunger, and push the filter just under the surface of the liquid - this will keep the heat in while your coffee brews. Let sit for 30 seconds.


Plunge all the way down with a slow, steady pressure.


Serve it. Right now or at least decant it. Don’t wait.
[as long as the water and coffee are in contact your coffee is brewing. If you don’t want to drink it all, decant it into a pre-warmed vessel]

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