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Stovetop Brew Guide

  • 2 cup Moka - 13-15g
  • 4 cup Moka - 28-30g
  • 4 cup Venus - 23-25g
  • 6 cup Venus - 35-38g

  • Stovetop
  • Espresso roast coffee, medium-fine grind - see above for dose
  • Filtered water
  • Heat source (Gas or electric for Moka Express, electric or induction for Venus)
  • Fresh milk or water to serve


    Fill the stovetop lower chamber just below, or halfway up the pressure valve with filtered water of your choice, if you want to speed up your brew, use hot water. Never fill above the valve. This ensures any excess pressure can escape during the brew.


    Fill the filter basket with ground coffee. For an evenly extracted and tasty brew, fill the coffee grind basket to the top, and tap the base of your basket on the counter to help level out the grinds. There’s no need to press the coffee down, as long as the basket is full and you level it out flat (using the back of a spoon). Wipe any excess grinds from the rim of your stovetop and screw on the upper chamber, then place it over the heat source.


    Turn the heat source off when your coffee stream turns from a deep brown to a steady honey caramel colour. The extraction will finish by itself. Serve with your choice of milk or water, or cool it down with ice cubes for a refreshing iced latte or iced long black.


    If you’re using gas, be sure to keep the flame central - this will help to prevent the brewer becoming tarnished, as well as ensuring an even extraction.

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