Syphon Brew Guide



Secure the metal filter to the upper chamber by slipping the chain through the stem and hooking it over the rim - the chain should reach the bottom of the lower chamber. Place a paper filter over the top by pressing the x in the middle of the filter paper through the metal stem. Rinse the filter and upper chamber with hot water, this will rid the filter of any papery taste and also preheat the Syphon. Fill the lower Syphon chamber with hot water (to enable a faster brew) and settle the upper chamber on top without locking it in place, making sure the outside of the lower chamber is kept dry, as moisture could crack the glass at the next step.


Ignite the burner and set it directly under the lower chamber at a medium heat. When there’s motion in the water (but before it boils), lock the upper chamber in to form a seal. Water will begin to rapidly move to the top chamber, and here you can turn the burner down to a low heat. Start your timer, and add your ground coffee to the upper chamber. Here, you can give the coffee a brisk stir to ensure it is fully saturated. Leave for 30 seconds.


Stir carefully and turn off the heat source and remove the burner.


As the coffee cools, it will begin to draw down into the lower chamber. Allow 30 seconds after this has finished.


Remove the upper chamber - the chamber can be rested on its plastic lid. Decant your coffee, letting it cool slightly to allow flavours to develop, then serve as is or with a splash of cold water or milk to taste.


You can use less coffee (eg. 15g) for espresso roasts for a smoother drinking coffee.
If brewing with a new filter, run a mock brew first with no coffee to clean your equipment.

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