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Bialetti Stovetop Filter and Seal


We're pretty sure that every house within a 10km radius of the Brunswick Roastery has at least two stovetop percolators in residence; at least one of them in need of a new filter and gasket. The beauties are exactly what's required - made by Bialetti, the Italian king of stovetop coffee, and built to last. Each comes with a brand new mesh-fine filter to suit the stovetop as well as the rubber gasket to hold it in place. These are worn out over time, particularly by those who vigorously clean their stovetops, and as they wear they reduce the function of your brewer and the taste of your coffee.

If you're thinking "What filter? What gasket?" then you definitely need a new one. The 3 Cup model is made to fit a Bialetti 2 Cup Moka Express or 3 Cup Brikka. The filter measures 58mm (diameter) / 66mm (including gasket.) The 6 Cup is made for a Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Express. The filter measures 64mm (diameter) / 72mm (including gasket.)

These parts are not sold separately. If you're unsure whether the filter will fit your brewer, please bring your brewer in to see us at one of the Padre cafes as we're unable to accept returns of replacement parts once opened.

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