Budd Coffee Pods (Box of 10)


Biodegradable and compostable coffee pods, featuring our delicious espresso blend - Lucky Boy! Enjoy a delicious specialty grade coffee with all the convenience of a pod.

Please note: These pods are compatible with pod machines that use Nespresso original pods only.

In The Cup


Budd Coffee Pods Description

We introduced this humble blend in 2019 to complement our existing house favourites - Daddy’s Girl and the Seasonal Blend - and ever since, Lucky Boy has garnered its own cult following.

Simplicity is key with the Lucky Boy comprising only two components. The Guatemala Huehuetenango - a mild, yet structured coffee with warm chocolate notes. Clarity and fruit forward yet balanced acidity is on point when balanced with the Brazil Sweet Espresso.

The Brazil Sweet Espresso brings the creaminess, sweetness, a little body, finishing with toffee, and vanilla. When deciding on what our next Pod option would be, there was no looking past wrapping all this flavour into a pod. We love it, and we hope you do too!

Coffee Breakdown

Natural & pulped natural process - Mundo Novo and Acaia varietals from Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida (O’Coffee Estate) based in Alta Mogiana, Brazil.

Fully washed process - Bourbon, Cattura and Catuai varietals from Unex Exporters based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

About Budd Coffee Pods

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Our Budd range has been lovingly created and curated to bring our affection of the finer things in life to you. This includes an irresistible handmade sticky chai, superfine drinking chocolate and a deliciously deep, caramel panela sugar. We have also recently introduced a delightful range of high-quality chocolate bars in collaboration with local cocoa roasters Ratio.

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