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Padre Coffee

Cafec 2 Cup Medium Roast Filter Paper 100 Pack


100% clean, eco-friendly, forest sustainable coffee filter paper! 

A coffee equipment company based in Japan has added new layers of precision to the design and composition of paper coffee filters. In late 2019, longtime manual brewing equipment maker Cafec rolled out a new series of cone-shaped paper filters designed for pairings with coffees roasted to particular levels. 

The roast-specific filter line offers one final threshold by which coffee brewers can tweak their manual brewing recipes. The filters come in three varieties; one for light roasts, one for medium-dark, and one for dark. 

No bleach, glues, chemicals or unnatural elements are added to the pulp, allowing for smooth water flow and less chances of blockage during coffee brewing. The result is a beautifully clean cup of coffee. 

Perfect for use with Hario V60 02 Cup Drippers. 

  • 100 filter per pack
  • High quality filter paper 
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified 
  • 100% sustainable - no wood is used in the paper making process
  • Compostable & full-biodegradable 

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