Padre Coffee

Colombia Carmen Jansasoy

Grind Guide

Candied raspberry, honeysuckle, red apple, kiwi, fresh cream.

Region: Aponte, Nariño 
Altitude: 1900 masl
Varietal: Caturra    
Process: Washed  

Producer Carmen was born and raised in the town of Aponte, Tablon de Gomez, Nariño - where she resides today. Her farm is located in the nearby town of Buesaco. Carmen is considered a social leader in Colombia and works with a range of coffee farmers to help them to improve their processes at their farms.

These improved processes lead to an increase in the overall quality of the coffee being produced and allows farmers to access higher prices for their coffees. As a result of Carmen’s efforts, a large number of producers have received subsidies from Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales de Nariño, in 2020. Under her guidance, these farmers have greatly improved the quality of coffees.

We’re thrilled to be showcasing her delicious washed process coffee.

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