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Honduras, Armando Pineda - Single Origin Filter

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This coffee is simply stunning. With a creamy body and well-rounded orange acidity, it’s a dreamy pairing with the milk of your choice. As espresso and filter, you’ll find tasting notes of apricot, marzipan, red fruit, chocolate, toffee and praline.


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Single Origin Filter Coffee Description

Honduras is a beautiful country right in the middle of Central America that’s quickly become one of the biggest coffee exporting countries on the continent. Its location and terroir are more than ideal for growing coffee, and in recent years, the country's specialty coffee production has grown stronger and stronger. 

Washed coffees are the most common processing method, and the coffees themselves feature a range of different flavour profiles from soft and nutty to bright and vibrant. The country itself may be small, but it’s rich in varietals, altitudes, micro-climates, and flavour profiles.

Our coffee comes from the Opalaca region, located in the west of the country. Typically, the coffees from this region will have tasting notes of tropical fruits, grapes, and berries with fine, delicate acidity and a balanced aftertaste. 

Armando Pineda is the producer of this micro-lot. His farm is situated in the village of Los Andes, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, with a total area of 1.27 hectares of land.

Armando’s farm clings to the steep slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain range, a world-renowned microregion recognized every year in the Honduras Cup of Excellence.  Armando collaborates with the exporting company called Beneficio San Vicente to gain access to technical support for best agricultural practices. The partnership has helped to improve quality, increase earnings from coffee sales, and strengthen each family’s livelihood.

The extremely unique growing conditions in the highlands cause a very extended cherry maturation period. Cool mists can keep temperatures low and protect the plants from too much direct sunlight. This slow development can have a great deal to do with the unusually tropical, complex character of these coffees, it also means that a significant portion of the harvest happens later than in most other regions in Central America.

The variety of this lot is Pacas - a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety which was discovered in 1949 by the Pacas family in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. The plant is hardy, short in stature, and allows for denser planting to increase fruit production as well as easier hand harvesting. Cup quality is similar to the Bourbon (the pinot noir of coffee) - incredibly sweet and well-rounded acidity, however, the Pacas variety has a slightly bigger body. 

The coffee itself is stunning. With a creamy body and well-rounded orange acidity, it’s a dreamy pairing with the milk of your choice. As espresso and filter, you’ll find tasting notes of apricot, marzipan, red fruit, chocolate, toffee, and praline.

Coffee Breakdown

Washed - 100% Pacas variety grown and handpicked at an altitude of 1560 masl in Honduras's Las Vegas, Santa Barbara region. 

In The Cup


V60 Filter Recipe

  • DOSE - 16g
  • YIELD - 240G
  • TIME - 2:45 mins
  • TEMP - 96°C
  • RATIO - 1:15

We’ve created our filter recipes as a guide to help you achieve the same great flavours we experience in our coffees. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your manual brewing gear, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.

A small to big bag of happiness guide – to help your coffee loving ways.


1 – 2 cups daily
250g per fortnight

2 – 4 cups daily
500g per fortnight

6 – 8 cups daily
1kg per fortnight

Note – These guidelines use an estimate of 12–24 grams of coffee to allow for difference in dose size.

If you need help with any of our coffees, please reach out through and we’ll guide you along through the coffee journey.

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