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Kenya, Kiamugumo Kirinyaga PB - Single Origin Filter

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It is rare to see Kenyan coffee in our collection. In fact, we haven’t had one since 2019! This is why we are so excited to introduce the Kenya Kiamugo Kirinyaga PB, sourced with our partners at Cafe Imports. 

Kenyan coffees possess unique flavors that aren’t usually found in other coffees. We can't say no to this complex, rich, and creamy coffee with flavours of cherry, blackcurrant, crisp apple, vanilla, sweet spice, and chocolate.


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Single Origin Filter Coffee Description

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our coffee collection, Kenya Kiamugumo Kirinyaga PB, sourced with our partners at Cafe Imports. We are beyond excited about this coffee release, not only because we haven't had Kenyan coffee since 2019, but also because of its incredible story and unique flavor profile.

Kenya has extremely ideal terroir (climate, the soil, and landscape) for coffee production. Coffee trees are often planted on rich volcanic soils, anywhere between 1400-2000 metres above sea level. 

Before being exported, Kenyan coffee needs to go through a strict auction system to determine and control its qualities. The auction system gives a different grade to each coffee lot and rewards quality-focused producers with better prices. For example, our Kenyan Kiamugumo Kirinyaga is given a PB grade. It is a grade reserved for peaberries, in which a single bean has grown inside the coffee cherry instead of the usual two.

This grading system also pushes local producers to prioritize quality. Processing and drying procedures are carefully controlled and monitored. As a result of this system, many farmers are highly educated in coffee production.

Our coffee comes from Ngariama Farmers Cooperatives who operate the Kiamugumo factory, founded in the 1970s. Around 1500 members deliver their coffee cherries to the factory as soon as they are picked. 

The coffees are then de-pulped and fermented underwater for 12-24 hours, breaking down the mucilage and imparting fruit characteristics into the coffee beans. The coffee is then flushed from the tanks and rinsed. The process is repeated for an additional 24-48 hours. 

This is called a double ferment process, and is more commonly used in Kenya as other origins only ferment their coffee beans once during the washing process.

The many elements in Kenyan coffee productions culminate in a unique cup profile, exemplified in our new Kenya Kiamugumo Kirinyaga PB. Expect a super complex, rich, and creamy coffee with a taste of cherry, blackcurrant, crisp apple, vanilla, sweet spice, and chocolate. 

Coffee Breakdown


Washed - 100% SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian and K7 varietals grown and hand picked at an altitude of 1550masl in Kenya's Kiamugumo region. 

V60 Filter Recipe

  • DOSE - 17g
  • YIELD - 3270g
  • TIME - 2:35 min
  • TEMP - 94°C
  • RATIO - 1:15

We’ve created our filter recipes as a guide to help you achieve the same great flavours we experience in our coffees. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your manual brewing gear, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.

A small to big bag of happiness guide – to help your coffee loving ways.


1 – 2 cups daily
250g per fortnight

2 – 4 cups daily
500g per fortnight

6 – 8 cups daily
1kg per fortnight

Note – These guidelines use an estimate of 12–24 grams of coffee to allow for difference in dose size.

If you need help with any of our coffees, please reach out through hello@padrecoffee.com.au and we’ll guide you along through the coffee journey.

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