Padre Coffee

Manual Coffeemaker No. 2


Simple yet beautiful, the understated Manual Coffeemaker has been designed with love to celebrate the daily ritual of handmade coffee. Thoughtfully designed in the USA by Craighton Berman Studios, it's a brewing tool that's as functional as it is lovely and made to last a lifetime. A seriously dreamy piece of gear, the Manual is the kind of thing you'll leave on the kitchen counter even if you give up drinking coffee (although with the Manual, that's even more unlikely.)

A gorgeous new take on the traditional pourover brewer, the Manual is a freestanding piece of very clever design. The handmade sculptural glass of the Manual provides unique brewing visibility, while the double-walled glass retails heat. It's simple to use, producing beautiful coffees with either V60-style or wave filters - your choice.

This is the Manual Coffeemaker 02, released in January 2017, and boasts sturdy borosilicate glass for the brewer and carafe and a durable yet classy lacquered bamboo base. The carafe has helpful volume markings to assist you in intuitive brewing and the whole unit is easily pulled apart for cleaning.

Brewing & FAQ

Filters: Hario 2 Cup V60 Filters

Kettle: We recommend using a dedicated coffee pouring kettle with a thin, tapered spout - check out the Hario Buono or Fellow Stagg Kettle

Grind: Coarser than you would for an ordinary pourover or V60 - aim for a total brew time of 4 minutes.

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