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Padre Christmas Coffee Box Set

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For the Padre Coffee fan in your life! The ultimate Padre gift this season contains 250g of either filter or espresso coffee, socks, a tea towel and your choice of Budd Chocolate. It comes beautifully presented in our custom sleeved Padre Coffee Box, which features our suite of coffee icons and our seasonal branding sticker.

What You'll Discover In The Box

  • 250g of Daddy's Girl Espresso Blend OR Hey Buddy Filter Blend
  • Padre Icon Socks
  • Padre Icon Tea Towel
  • Your choice of Budd Chocolate

Padre Coffee Box Set Description

We’ve created this special box set for the Padre Coffee fan in your life. Beautifully presented in our custom sleeved Padre Coffee gift box featuring our fun coffee icons and seasonal branding sticker, this is the perfect gift all-rounder gift.

The set contains your choice of either our filter blend, Hey Buddy or espresso blend, Daddy's Girl. To round out the box, we've also included a bar of our Budd Chocolate and a few of our most popular merch items: Padre Coffee Icon Socks and a Padre Coffee Icon Tea Towel. 

To order online, please select the coffee type, grind size and which Budd Chocolate Bar you'd like to gift! You can also purchase the Padre Coffee Box in-store!

Features & Benefits

  • Beautiful Padre Coffee sleeved gift box
  • Coffee, chocolate and merch: what more could you wish for?!
  • No need for extra wrapping
  • Great gift for Padre Coffee lovers

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