Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee - Coffee Tin (250g)

No matter how you drink or brew your coffee you're going to want it fresh, which means buying small amounts at regular intervals (no bulk-buying shortcuts here) and to preserve its flavour you'll have to keep it far from the dangerous influences of air, moisture, light and heat. That's a big job, and one for which a simple paper or plastic bag will never be enough.

Because good coffee is demanding (and so are its drinkers) finding packaging that meets all of these requirements can be difficult and, sadly, wasteful. Foil-lined bags preserve coffee wonderfully, but are impossible to clean, ill-suited to reuse, energy-intensive to produce and add substantially to the cost of buying and selling coffee. The answer, of course, is a simple, clean, reusable coffee tin - the caffeine equivalent of a green shopping bag or a Keep Cup.

These beauties are easy to clean, light-excluding and absolutely air-tight, so they will keep your coffee fresh and delicious while minimising the waste and packaging necessary for you to enjoy your daily cup (or two, or three) of delicious, life-giving coffee.

To thank you for ditching disposable, we offer a $1 discount on coffee purchases when you bring in your tin to refill. We're also accepting trade-ins (in-store only, sorry!) on our original 2011 tin for anyone who'd like to upgrade.

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