A letter from Padre Jon...

by Marinus Jansen February 08, 2020 2 min read

We get a lot emails from customers all over the world and occasionally we come across some truely inspiring people, this excerpt from a recent email we thought we would share as it captures a little bit of our why and a little bit of our how.  

Tuesday 4 February 2020 - Father Jon

So...as a Padre, why the name Padre. I am ever intrigued as i drink your coffee in South Melbourne. Blessings, Padre Jon


Friday 7 February 2020 - Marinus Jansen

It’s an interesting story - initially started as play on the slang term for a field medic in the wars (who generally also acted in the role of religious guidance as they were often the last one to be seen by seriously injured soldiers) and was intended for a Spanish Tapas bar that we were going to open in Melbourne.  We were planning to play on this with 10am confessionals and aptly named cocktails, but it never eventuated. 

 When we got into coffee, our first amazing espresso blend was a called ‘The Padre Blend’ as to us this was the pinnacle (at the time).  You could say - a saving grace in a muddy world of average coffee, but that could be overstating it.

At the time we were called Artisan Espresso and our business partner left, one of his demands was a name change, which we changed to The Brunswick East Project, we maintained the Padre Blend, adding DG (Daddy’s Girl – ironically not related - but a reference to one of our staff who was very prim and proper, she referred to herself as a bit of a Daddy’s Girl – the Padre (Father) connection sort of tied in). Onwards to Hey Buddy, Lucky Boy and the latest Wild Child.

As the popularity of the coffee grew, we needed a wholesale business name, and everyone referred to our coffee as Padre Coffee - and so Padre Coffee became our name.

There have been some coincidences, such as the company being the same age as my son, but really it came about as a result of several unrelated events.

We are often asked the significance of the name, and I like to think of it as a reminder to pause and think, remind ourselves of the ritual and its contemplation, as for me coffee holds great reverence.  However (as I have learnt over the years) the reality it is, it holds personal and different meaning for many. 

Friday 7 February 2020 - Father Jon


Thank you for taking the time. I do love the stories behind why things are as they are... and yours is a rich addition.
I will continue to drink Padre with fresh appreciation.
If you ever have need of a real Padre, do ask.
All the best to you. 
Padre Jon


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