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Padre Brew Guides

The coffee brew guides below are designed to be a starting point for each brew method, and general enough to be applicable to a range of skill levels and equipment set ups. 

Here are a few simple but important points for you to consider before you get started. These will set you up for success with your brews and are helpful to revisit if you need to troubleshoot a coffee that doesn’t taste right.

As always, feel free to contact us if you need further help.

The dose

Yes, that one or two gram difference can have a huge effect on the final cup! Weigh your dose for a better (and more consistent) coffee - we have a range of scales to choose from.

The grind

The grind size needs to suit the brewing method, and we recommend grinding just before you brew for the best flavour results. Invest in a good quality grinder and reap the rewards!

The water

If your water doesn’t taste good, how do you expect your coffee to? Use fresh, clean, filtered water and at the right temperature for best results (a filter jug, and a temperature controlled kettle will help!)

The coffee

Buy smaller amounts of coffee more often and drink it fresh. But not too fresh! Somewhere between 7-21 days post roast will get the best results, however you can still get it tasting good after this. Coffee won’t spoil, it will just lose flavour. Storage is key - an airtight container like our Padre Coffee Tin will do the trick. Keep it away from moisture, heat and light. 

If you need a recommendation for what beans you should buy, reach out online or visit us in store for a chat.


You’ll never get a tasty coffee from dirty equipment. Keep your equipment clean and well maintained and make tasty brews time and again. We stock a healthy range of cleaning equipment, so there are no excuses. 

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