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Pourover is considered to be special for the way it allows the true qualities of coffee shine. The style of coffee is light in body, with a lot of clarity so the origin characteristics and subtle flavours are evident in the cup. 

Pourover is often considered to be the gold standard of manual filter brewing, and is valued for the way it allows the delicate origin characteristics and flavour profile of coffees shine. It’s also a fairly inexpensive way to start brewing filter coffee at home as you can get started with limited equipment and still get a great tasting cup.

If you’re looking to get started with brewing pourover at home, explore our guide below for the must-have tools all the way through to the expert equipment.

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The Pourover Novice

You're just starting out and need the essentials.



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We recommend using a filter roast for brewing pourover as a lighter roast is better suited to longer extraction times and the gentle nature of pourover brewing will allow the more delicate origin characteristics to shine. We have a curated selection of filter coffee options to satisfy a range of flavour preferences- check out our collection!

Between brews, you also want to make sure that you’re storing your coffee properly. To keep fresh, we recommend keeping it in an airtight container somewhere where it won’t be light affected. A kitchen cupboard is perfect. 

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A pourover cone

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Pourover cones can be made of ceramic, glass, plastic and even metal. Here at Padre HQ, our go-to pourover brewer is the Hario V60, named after it’s signature 60°, V-shaped slope. 

The V60 cone also boasts a wide brew hole and spiraled edges, which keeps the filter from sticking to the cone, allowing for the perfect flow and extraction.

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This sits inside your pourover cone and helps seperate the ground coffee from the brewed coffee once you begin pouring your water. Typically, we use paper filters, however, you can also brew using a reusable cloth filter. Shop our pourover filters here.

We suggest rinsing each filter right before brewing and disposing of the water. This keeps any papery taste out of your brew and, at the same time, preheats your V60 brewer. 

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Kettle (gooseneck, preferably!)

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Although you can definitely use a regular kettle to heat and pour your water, a gooseneck kettle helps to keep control over the water that you’re pouring. The shape of the gooseneck provides precision in pouring so you have full control over the speed and force of the water you’re pouring over your coffee bed.

We have a range of gooseneck kettles available. 

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The Coffee Enthusiast 

You're looking to take your brewing game to the next level!



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Using scales is the easiest way to get a repeatable, consistent brew. You can use scales to weigh your coffee (your dose), and weigh how much water you’re putting onto your coffee bed (your yield). Some even come with timers, so you can time your brews. Scales allow you to follow the suggested recipe to a tee!

A simple set of kitchen scales will do the trick, however, you can also explore our range of scales specifically designed for brewing coffee.

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The rumours are true: freshly ground coffee does taste better. If you’re hoping for a fresh, delicate brew that brings out the subtle, fruity flavours of the coffee, we suggest grinding your beans immediately prior to brewing.

Coffee will start to oxidise quite quickly once it's ground, due to the increased surface area; this can cause it to lose flavour within a matter of days. For pourover coffee, you can use either a hand grinder or an electric grinder.

We have great grinder options for brewing pourover coffee for almost any price range. 

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The Brewing Expert 

Wow, you really know your stuff! Master your craft with these items.


Temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle

From $248.00

Temperature plays a really big part in the final flavour of your brew - we recommend between 94-98c for optimal extraction.

Temperature controlled kettles have been designed specifically for brewing pourover coffee. The user can set the temperature they wish to brew at, and the kettle will heat to that temperature and hold it there. This means that the water is the same temperature throughout your entire brew.

We’re really big fans of the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle which you can shop here.


Water filter

From $59.00

Depending on where you live, tap water can contain minerals, chemicals and other compounds that can bring an undesirable flavour to your brew. We recommend using filtered water for all brew methods.

The BWT Water Jughas been specially designed for brewing coffee and tea. The filter removes any sediment, taste and odour from the water, exchanging these compounds for magnesium. The magnesium clings to the flavour compounds during the extraction process, which enhances your brew because it sticks to the compounds that give coffee its flavour.  

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