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Georgia shares her recipes for both filter and espresso below for Fresh Crop Exclusive: Brazil Gilmar Rezende. You can find the coffee here!

The story of Brazilian coffee is quite a legendary one and also happens to be my favourite to tell.

As the tale goes, in 1727, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Brazilian army was commissioned by the Portuguese government to steal coffee from French Guiana while on a peacekeeping mission. During his stay, he asked the Colonial Governor of Cayenne (the capital of French Guiana) for a sample of a coffee plant to take back to Brazil.

When the governor refused, the Lieutenant-Colonel sought out to seduce his wife… and succeeded.

As the protagonist of our story was set to depart French Guiana back to Brazil, he was presented with a bouquet of flowers by his new lover, the governor’s wife. The bouquet was littered with coffee beans that were ready to be planted. From that handful of beans, Brazil’s production boomed and has become the number one coffee producing country in the world.

Our latest Brazilian coffee comes from the Minas Gerais region, and is produced by Gilmar Rezende. His farm is made up of 10 hectares of land in Matas de Minas and he has been managing this land for 28 years. In the last six years, Rezende has made the move to producing specialty grade coffee.

The farm sits between 1200-1350 meters above sea level (MASL) and this particular lot is a natural processed coffee of the red catuai varietal.

The human effort that goes into producing coffee always blows me away. The time, patience and energy that is poured into producing specialty coffee makes me feel incredible gratitude toward the coffee farmers and their hard work that I reap the benefits of every day.

This coffee is no different. Gilmar Rezende has produced a delicious coffee that is complex, yet approachable. It has those the classic Brazil tasting notes of dark cacao and sugared almonds, but also presents the drinker with candied berry and banana liqueur flavours, too. This coffee has true style and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know it.

Chemex Recipe:

You’ll need:

  • 26g of Brazil Gilmar Rezende filter roast*
  • 400g of filtered water at 96c (plus a bit more for preheating your Chemex).
  • A 6 Cup Chemex
  • Cloth or paper filter**
  • Gooseneck Kettle
  • Bamboo stirrer (or something to agitate your coffee bed with)

*I’ve built this recipe for the 6 Cup Chemex with a ratio of 1:15. You can use this recipe for any pour over set up you have if you adjust the dose and yield to keep the same ratio.

**I’m using a cloth filter. If you’re also using a cloth filter, I’d recommend grinding finer than usual.

Prep your station:

Weigh and grind your coffee. Add your filter to your Chemex brewer.

Once your kettle is at temperature, rinse your filter. Once the water has filtered through, discard.

Add your ground coffee to your filter paper and tap the side to flatten the coffee bed.


Begin your timer. Starting your pour in the middle of the coffee bed, pour 50g of water in a circular motion. At this time, you’re wanting to make sure to wet all of the coffee grounds.

Take your bamboo stirrer and agitate your coffee bed by pushing the grounds around a little. This encourages the trapped gas to escape the coffee bed that might not have had the chance to before as well as ensures all of your coffee grounds are wet.



Slowly, in the same circular motion, pour your water up until your scale displays 200g. This should take about 45 seconds for you to do.


Again, pouring slowly, pour your water up until your scales display 400g. This should take another 45 seconds.

Your coffee should be finished filtering through. Transfer brew to your favourite cup and enjoy.


Espresso Recipe

Dose: 21.5g ground at a fine setting 
Yield: 37g extracted 
Time: 36 seconds

Note: This espresso recipe is developed on a Slayer LP. Please use this as a guide to aid in achieving your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio, so it works best for your set up.

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