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For this week's Fresh Crop exclusive, we will be showcasing another gorgeous Ethiopian bean. Hoon, from our Brunswick East store will be talking about the coffee's origin and gives his V60 recipe!

My first encounter with specialty coffee was around 12 years ago with Ethiopian coffee. At the time, my knowledge of coffee was limited, but the experience left a lasting impression. It was truly distinct taste which I really enjoyed! Now, I'm thrilled to introduce Ethiopia Sidama Bombe - a coffee that has brought me back to that first experience.

This coffee resembles a delightful fruit tea, bursting with fruity, juicy, and sweet notes. It undergoes a natural processing method, which enhances its flavours, complexity, and body compared to the washed process. When I sipped this coffee, I detected prominent hints of raspberry, pineapple, and sugary candy. The Malic acidity adds a refreshing touch, complementing the juicy mouthfeel and achieving a wonderful balance.

Contemplating the most accessible brewing method, I've opted for the V60 to showcase the beauty of this coffee. My hope is that everyone can relish the pleasures of Ethiopia Sidama Bombe, just as I have.



  • Hario V60
  • Hairo filter paper
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Tea spoon or Wooden Stick
  • Scales
  • Mug or coffee server


    • Dose: 20g
    • Grind size: Medium-coarse
    • Yield: 340ml
    • Time: 3:00 minutes
    • Temperature: 93 degrees Celsius
    • Ratio: 1:17



    Place the filter paper into the V60 and rinse with hot water to help reduce the papery flavour of the filter.

    While the hot water is in the decanter, give it a swirl to warm up the Hario set.

    Empty the residual water and tip 20g of ground coffee into the V60.

    Place the brewing equipment onto the scales and tare to zero.



    00:00 - 00:30

    Once the water has boiled to 93 degrees Celsius, begin pouring 60g of water in a slow and steady motion so the coffee bed is completely wet.

    Bubbles should begin emerging in the coffee bed. This is known as the "bloom".


    00:30 - 01:00

    At 30 seconds, continue to pour another 100g of water until the scales read 160g.

    Gently swirl the V60 to even out the coffee grounds.


    01:00 - 01:30 

    After one minute, add another 90g of water until the scales read 250g.

    Remember to be very mindful while pouring. Keep a consistent and steady circular motion as you pour.


    01:30- 03:00

    Finally, add an additional 90g of water until the scales reads 340g.

    Let the water completely drain down into the Hario decanter. This process should take about 3 minutes in total.

    Pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy!


    • Dose: 20.5g
    • Yield: 38g
    • Time: 34-36 seconds
    • Ratio: 1:1.8

    On the Slayer LP we use 20.5g of coffee and aim for a yield of 38g, however your machine and set up will determine what dose (and therefore, yield) you should aim for. Some domestic machines have 20-22g baskets, however some will only be able to hold 16-18g. Use the ratio to adjust the espresso recipe.

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