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How do you create a cult espresso blend?

by Amanda Pantas May 21, 2019 1 min read

We asked our Director of Coffee Fay to share some insight into the development of the Lucky Boy’s irresistible flavour profile...

"As far as the cup profile, it had to be different to the Seasonal or the Daddy’s Girl, and equally delicious! I knew from a component point of view, that I wanted it to be very simple. It had to be easy to work with and taste amazing through milk and as a black coffee. 

Flavours like chocolate and caramel, a little bit of subtle fruit, and mild acidity were the characteristics I was thinking about when considering which components to use - as well as sweetness and a full body. 

The Lucky Boy’s components include a Guatemala and Brazil coffee. We already work with the Guatemala Huehuetenango - it’s a component of our Seasonal blend. It’s a very easy coffee to enjoy, a very solid and structured Guatemalan mild. It has balanced acidity and some lovely chocolate notes, is clean and has an element of fruit to it, and that's exactly what it contributes to the blend. 

With the Brazil, that’s where the creaminess, sweetness, body, toffee, and also the vanilla come into play! 

When designing a blend, you're thinking about how the components are going to contribute to the final cup profile and aim to have them compliment each other. That was the intention - that we 'marry' the two origins and highlight their best characteristics."  

If Lucky Boy were a person, what three words would best describe them?

"Cheeky, affectionate and generous!"


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