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Meet Georgia Folker, Office Manager and Communications Team, VIC

by Bessie Marks February 15, 2021 3 min read

Georgia Folker, 
Office Manager and Communications Team


Georgia Folker was introduced to Padre Coffee at her previous cafe job at Coffee Anthology in Brisbane. One of our valued wholesale partners, Adam and the team at Coffee Anthology were lucky enough to work with Georgia for a couple of years.

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Georgia had moved to Brisbane to study at university in 2014 and, upon graduating with a Bachelor of Media and Communication, set her sights on moving to Melbourne.

We were absolutely thrilled to have Georgia on board at Padre Coffee Brunswick East towards the end of 2017, and she certainly lived up to the wave of hype given by our wholesale team in Noosa.

Her sound specialty coffee experience along with her natural talents in leadership, organisation and communication came to excellent use when she took on the role of store manager shortly thereafter. Her youthful energy and enthusiasm balanced with her maturity and drive had a great impact on the team at Brunswick East and she led with a firm but friendly approach.

The move from cafe to Padre HQ happened in July 2019, with Georgia accepting the role of Office Manager. This role involves managing the space, ensuring each team has the tools they need, along with some bookkeeping too.

It’s a role that has been enhanced by Georgia’s energy, creativity and people-focused outlook. We often joke that, while G - as we affectionately call her - is the youngest member of our office team, she far exceeds all of us in maturity.

Georgia is also a key member of the contents and communications team, and her media comms skills and interests are put to good use here. G has pioneered our Padre video content (check out our Youtube!) and she has a talent for capturing our people at their finest. G is also our unofficial pop culture expert, our official champion latte artist and our go-to woman for a good brainstorm or problem solving session. We adore Georgia, and we think you will too.


What do you love about being part of the team at Padre Coffee?

My favourite aspect of my role, in both Office Management and content creation, is that I get to work together with all of our teams. Watching projects come to life that involve collaboration from all aspects of the business gives me a great sense of connection to our wider team.

In the three years I’ve been with Padre, I have been given so many opportunities to expand my skill set alongside extremely talented and knowledgeable colleagues. We have a learning culture that focuses on training and development and it’s an encouraging environment to come to work in everyday.

What is your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

Establishing video content and launching the Padre Coffee YouTube Channel has been beyond cool. Creating videos and telling stories has been a passion of mine for many years and I’ve really enjoyed exploring a new medium for communicating with our customers. 

We’re always looking for different ways to connect with our audience, and the best thing about video content is that it is a real insight into our people and our culture. YouTube allows us to be more accessible, which means we can organically engage with people that maybe hadn’t heard of Padre Coffee before. 

I can’t wait to see how our video content continues to develop and how it will play a role in future projects. 


What three words would you use to describe your role?


My motivation for doing a good job comes from being inspired by my colleagues. I find it energising to be around people and my work is always more fulfilling when I’m collaborating with others.


No two days at the office are the same, which is what makes my job so exciting! I love being busy and there’s a lot of variety in my role, which keeps me engaged and driven. As a member of the Contents Team, each project we work on will have a different purpose and creative concept. I love change, so my role is well suited to my personality.


As Office Manager, I’m constantly assisting my teammates and problem solving. It’s a part of my job that keeps me well connected to all of our teams and in touch with what’s happening across the organisation.

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