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‘Coffee- you beautiful, delicate, rose petal flavoured thing you’!

For this fortnight's exclusive Fresh Crop content, Raaimi shares her recipes for brewing with our Indonesia Aceh Ribang Gayo - one recipe for filter, and one for espresso!

Say hello to our newest coffee, the Indonesian Aceh Ribang Gayo!

Indonesia has a diverse landscape and ideal weather patterns that allow the growth and production of different tasting coffees. You will find these beautiful coffee trees in Northern Sumatra in the center of the Aceh region, in the village of Pantan Musara.

Surrounded by mountains and lush forests 1,500 to 1,700 meters above sea level, a community of farmers from the region hand pick ripe cherries and deliver them to be processed at the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative.

Asman Arianto set up the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative in 2018 to provide over 350 farmers with a higher price for their coffee, training and the opportunity to experiment with different processing methods.

This lot of Arabica beans were processed with a washed method that is quite common in Indonesia. The cherries are stripped with the help of a machine then the beans are fermented in water for 12 hours. They are then left to soak for another 24 hours. Finally, they are dried on raised beds on covered terraces for 14 days.

They are then taken to a storage facility, shipped and delivered to us at Padre Coffee where we cup, roast and develop the flavours for your morning brew!

On espresso, this cup is bright and balanced. The sweet delicate notes of apple, jasmine and black currents appear and morph into dark cocoa and toffee flavours, leaving a velvety smooth finish that lingers. This pairs beautifully with milk and is delicious on espresso or as a long black.

On filter, it is a juicy cup where the apple acidity combined with soft caramel, cocoa and buttery smoothness leaves a divine mellow-sweet, chocolate finish that lingers for awhile!


Filter Equipment 

2 Cup Hario V60
2 cup filter papers (our pick is the Cafec 2 Cup Filter Papers
Electric or hand grinder
Goose-neck kettle (we love the Fellow EKG Electric Kettle
Scale with a timer 
Stirrer (optional agitation)
Your favourite drinking vessel


Ratio: 1:15
Dose: 18g coffee
Yield:  270g
Time:   2min 35 sec
Temp: 94° filtered water
Bloom: 30 seconds

Grind size: Medium-Course
27 clicks on a Comandante grinder
35-37 on a Breville Smart Grinder Pro 


What I like to do is set my self up. Have everything ready to go.

Preheat your kettle to 94 degrees using filtered water. This is to ensure there are no extra minerals or compounds changing the taste in your final cup. We recommend using a BWT Water Filter Jug

While the kettle is on, weigh and grind your coffee.

Fold the filter paper on the joined side, then open and place it in the V60 dripper atop your vessel.

Next up, rinse the paper filter with hot water and Let it drip through into the cup beneath. This removes the slight papery taste from the filter and pre heats your cup at the same time! Make sure you remove this water before brewing.

Take your scales and place your cup with v60 cone on top. Add your freshly ground coffee and give the v60 a gentle shake to level out the coffee bed. Tare the scales to 0. 



Start the timer and saturate the coffee grounds with water until the scale reads double your dose, 36g. 

Wait 30 seconds. During this time you begin to notice small bubbles and a slight dome rising, releasing gas trapped inside the coffee.

This is called the ‘Bloom’. It is a beautiful step to smell, watch and helps our coffee extract more evenly.  At this stage you can also agitate the coffee to help wet all the grinds. Do this by using a stirrer in circular motion or swirling the V60.


Start to pour slowly in the centre of the coffee bed in a circular motion. Working your way out near the edges of the filter paper. Continue to pour in the same direction but start to head back towards the centre again in the same circular motion.


Keep pouring until you reach 150g. Stop here and give the coffee a little contact time to brew and extract, wait until the water level has dropped 1cm.

Top up with the same circular motion until you reach 270g, the desired yield.


Wait until the drips come to a stop and you are ready to enjoy your beautifully made delicious pour over!


Domestic espresso recipe (using a Breville Bambino) 

Dose: 18g
Yield: 30g
Time: 28s
Ratio: 1:1.6 

Note: This espresso recipe is developed on a Breville Bambino Plus home espresso machine. Please use this as a guide to aid in achieving your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio, so it works best for your set up.

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