Updated on February 09, 2023 - 3 min read

The Kenya Mugaga Kagumoini AA is our latest single origin coffee. In this blog, Ryan from Padre HQ shares his recipes for espresso and filter for this special coffee.
On my days off, when my wife is busy working, and I’m looking after my beautiful daughter, I love experimenting with our latest single-origins in my V60. There’s something special about playing around with recipes as the morning sun shines through my kitchen and as my daughter disco dances to her favourite BeeGees song. I was lucky enough to get early access to this amazing Kenyan coffee and I wasn't disappointed by the results.
This lot comes from Kenya’s Mugaga Farmer’s Cooperative Society (FCS) which serves 1570 smallholder farmers. One of the great aspects of the FCS is that it provides its members with critical scientific and technological training. This training updates members with the latest farming practices including how to prevent devastating coffee diseases such as coffee rust. For me, it is a privilege to be a part of a coffee company that chooses to work exclusively with socially conscious producers.
It was a pleasure to play around and find the sweet spot of this coffee. Using the classic V60, I found a coffee flavour that packs a real punch and leaves an impression on the palette. Behind the coffee’s soft acidity, It was surprising to find a cola flavour along with notes of wild berries such as blackcurrant.
  • Hario V60
  • Hario filter paper
  • Kettle
  • Scales
  • Timer
  • Mug or coffee server


  • Dose: 18g
  • Grind size: Medium-coarse
  • Yield: 300ml
  • Time: 3:00-3:30
  • Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
  • Ratio: 1:16.7


Fill your kettle with filtered water and preheat it to 100 degrees. As the water boils, weigh and grind 18g of Kenya Mugaga Kagunoini coffee beans to a medium-coarse grind size.

Place the paper filter in the Hario V60 cone and soak it with hot water. This will remove the papery taste of the filter and let the real coffee notes shine brighter!

Empty the water vessel and tip the coffee into the V60 cone. With your finger, poke the middle of the coffee bed and make a little well. This ensures that the coffee grounds evenly absorbs the coffee.

Tare the scale so it reads zero. 


00:00 - 00:45

Begin the bloom stage by pouring 45g of water in a circular motion.

Pick up the V60 on the server and gently swirl the water. This will even out the wet coffee bed for us to pour more water into. 

00:45 - 01:35

Once the timer hits 45 seconds, pour in a steady circular motion up to 180g.

01:35 - 03:00

Finally, pour in a slow circular motion up to 300g.

With a spoon, gently stir around the V60 to loosen coffee grounds which are stuck to the side so they can sink to the coffee bed.

Once again, lift the V60 and server to give it another gentle swirl. Allow the coffee to drain into the server.

Enjoy your coffee!


  • Dose: 21g
  • Yield: 38g
  • Time: 34 seconds
  • Ratio: 1:1.8

On the Slayer LP we use 21g of coffee and aim for a yield of 38g, however your machine and set up will determine what dose (and therefore, yield) you should aim for. Some domestic machines have 20-22g baskets, however some will only be able to hold 16-18g. Use the ratio to adjust the espresso recipe.


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