Rhinoware Compact Grinder

The advantages of freshly-ground coffee are obvious, but the difficulty is in finding an easy to use, long-lasting and affordable grinder that gives excellent results. This is it.

The Rhinowares compact grinder features light, strong, stainless steel housing, which reduces static in your ground coffee, is resilient if you're travelling and is easy to clean. The grinder is small and compact with a snug stainless steel lid to keep your beans from bouncing around and a drawstring bag to keep it all together.

The burrs are conical (rather than blade) and ceramic, which means they stay sharp longer, do not rust and are dead easy to clean.

It's easy to adjust and grinds all the way from espresso-fine up to filter-coarse, and the coffee is consistent throughout. The compact grinder also comes with a plastic attachment that allows it to grind directly into the Aeropress chamber (which, incidentally, it also fits inside for easy travel & storage!)

To set your grinder, flip it over to view the ceramic burrs and (starting with the plastic star screwed all the way in) unwind it by:
1/2 a turn for Aeropress or Espresso, 
3/4 of a turn for stovetop espresso,
one full turn for filter or pourover,
and one and a half turns for coarse (plunger or french press) coffee.

Please keep in mind these adjustments are only a guide, and you should fine-tune your grind setting according to the amount of coffee you're using and with your ideal brew time as reference.

If you're using your grinder frequently, we also recommend regularly taking it apart for cleaning - just unscrew all of the parts starting from the base (being very careful of the ceramic burrs, which are extremely fragile) and use warm, soapy water and a coarse brush (old toothbrushes are perfect) to clean away any coffee residue. Just make sure that you rinse and dry the grinder parts completely before re-assembling.


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