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Hario V60 2 Cup Ceramic

Pourovers are small, simple, cheap, and unbeatably efficient if all you want is one (or two) cups of coffee, quick and easy! They require very little hardware for a good result, are super simple to brew and clean up and are great for traveling. We love pourover coffee, as aside from being one of the gentlest ways to brew, it is beautifully clear and results in deliciously nuanced, refined, and well-rounded flavours.

Of all the pourovers on the market, Hario indisputably make the finest, and have done for decades. The innovative design of the V60 brewer - from the swirling ridges, to the large open hole at the base - allows for great full cone brewing, and with a little practice great, even extractions of any coffee can be achieved. They're a lot of fun to use, as well as being beautifully crafted brewers that make delicious coffee.

To get you started, we've published our go-to pourover recipe over here (it's written for a one-cup model but is very easy to adapt). If you're looking for a full at home set-up; we recommend you check out the V60 Pourover Kit, or our Pourover Pack for everything you'll need.

Bright, fruity and floral coffees are fantastic as pourovers - we've had some delicious cups from Kenya, Guatemala and Ethiopia but check our single origin listing to see what's in season.

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