Fresh Crop Subscription - Filter Roast

Fresh Crop Subscription - Filter Roast


A Fresh Crop Subscription is an opportunity to connect with our roasters as they journey through the world's best coffees. Every fortnight on a Tuesday, our Production Team select the current coffee that excites them most, roast it to order and send it out to our Fresh Crop crew. More than just a fortnightly dispatch, Fresh Crop is an avenue to learn about, discuss and refine your approach to brewing coffee.

The Filter Subscription is perfect for you if you are brewing with any of the slower brewing methods: filter methods such as PouroverSyphon or Chemex, of course, but also cold drip or plunger. If you brew with an Aeropress or a Batch Brew you could go either way between our Filter and Espresso roast - if in doubt, start with a Mixed Subscription (you'll get two bags of the same coffee, one each roasted for Filter and Espresso) and see what's best for you.

If you're not sure what to choose, just give us a call (or send us an email) and we'll happily advise you - it's what we're here for!


Our Fresh Crop Subscription is unique in that once you're signed up, you can call the shots. If you'd like to skip, pause or resume deliveries you can do so easily via your customer account, and if your tastes (or circumstances) change and you'd like to try a different roast style or grind setting you change change that too. 


No problem. We're very excited to now offer standing orders for our Seasonal, DG, Wild Child, Lucky Boy and Hey Buddy blends - all the functionality of a subscription, for when you already know what your favourite coffee is!