Batch Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide

Batch Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide


Batch Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide

What is Batch Brew Coffee?

Batch Brew refers to pourover style filter coffee made with a filter coffee machine, which is often referred to as a ‘batch brewer’. Batch brewers are small appliances that heat the brew water and then disperse it over the top of the ground coffee, which is held in the filter inside the filter cone; the brew falls into a carafe held at the bottom of the machine.

More about Batch Brew

Batch Brew has become quite popular in the Australian cafe scene in recent years, and more and more people are opting for batch brewers for home use.

Batch Brew is a wonderfully accessible and delicious way to enjoy coffee and boasts all the best qualities of manually brewed filter coffee together with the convenience of automation. Batch brewers are able to brew large volumes of coffee fast and are easy to get great and consistent results from, every time. They are also more cost effective per cup when compared to espresso.

Furthermore, batch brew is a super versatile way to brew, and can be made with espresso roast or filter roast coffee, depending on how you enjoy your coffee. For a lighter, fruitier brew to drink black, use coffee that has been roasted for filter brewing; for a bolder brew with lower acidity and for those who want to add milk to the brew, we recommend trying a coffee that is roasted for espresso. You can also play around with your coffee to water ratio to tailor your brew to how you like it.

See our easy-to-follow guide below for more hints and tips on how to make batch brew coffee, and if you have any unanswered questions, see our FAQ.

How to make Batch Brew

How Long? About 6 minutes

How Much? Quality machines start at around $450

What You'll Need: Batch Brewer, filter paper (usually a cone shaped #4), coffee, water (filtered is best)

Master brewing batch brew by following our easy steps below!

Batch Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide Brew


Here's the step-by-step guide to Batch Brew Coffee

1. Place the paper filter into the filter basket, and rinse.

Fold the filter paper firmly along the seams to help it lie flat in the basket. Then rinse with hot water to remove any papery taste. Allow all the rinse water to drain completely.

2. Weigh out your coffee and grind.

We recommend starting with a ratio of 60g coffee to 1L of water. Weigh out your coffee and grind coarsely. You can use pre-ground coffee, but you’ll get better results if you grind to order. Place the coffee in the paper filter, inside the filter basket and tap the side with your hand to level the bed of coffee. Place the filter basket in position on the brewer, ensuring that the base of the filter basket is open, if it has the drip-stop feature.

3. Fill the brewer with water and activate.

Fill the water reservoir with the volume of water required for your recipe. You can use a measuring jug, scales or use the level markings on the water reservoir if it has them. Activate the brewer and wait for it to brew your coffee! It’s important that the brewer is on a level surface to ensure that the coffee is extracted evenly.

4. Swirl and serve!

The total brew time should be somewhere between 5-7 mins. We recommended swirling the carafe to ensure the brew is uniform before pouring.

You can adjust your recipe to refine the final brew.
If the brew is weak or watery, increase the dose of coffee in 5g increments.
If the brew is too strong or heavy, decrease the dose of coffee in 5g increments.
If the brew tastes under-extracted or sour, fine up the grind.
If the brew tastes over-extracted or bitter/dry, coarsen the grind.

Ready to make a Batch brew?

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Your Batch Brew Coffee Questions, Answered

Here are the most common questions we receive regarding Batch Brew Coffee. If you have any more questions, please get in contact!

It’s hard to say how much caffeine is in any given style of coffee. The amount of caffeine will largely depend on what type of coffee you’re using (species and varietal), along with growing conditions, roast profile and your brew ratio, and of course, your serving size.

We suggest enjoying everything in moderation! In some ways, black coffee can be considered healthier than drinks with added dairy or alternative milks. It is also claimed that coffee filtered through paper is healthier as the filter reduces the amount of cafestol in the final beverage. Cafestol is an oil in coffee that is claimed to raise cholesterol in high doses. If you’re concerned, we suggest speaking to a medical professional!

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