Cold Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Guide


Cold Brew Coffee - The Definitive Guide

What is a Cold Brew coffee?

Cold Brew is essentially coarsely ground coffee and cold water left to steep for an extended period of time. This gentle brewing style and use of cold water leads to a coffee that is super sweet, smooth and with a balanced acidity.

More about Cold Brew

Cold Brew coffee is loved for both its simplicity and for its cup profile.

Essentially, Cold Brew is simply ground coffee and cold water left to steep for an extended period of time; because cold water is used, the coffee must brew for hours to achieve the desired result. The gentle way it is brewed leads to a coffee that is super sweet, smooth and with a balanced acidity. It is also very stable and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Cold Brew is generally brewed as a concentrate that can be diluted with either cold water, ice and/or milk for serving.

A range of equipment can be used to brew cold brew - all you really need is a sturdy container big enough to hold the coffee and water, and some means of filtering the brew at the end. We prefer to use the Toddy Cold Brew System, which keeps everything neat and features a double filter process that ensures a clean, crisp brew.

Because of the extended contact time, a coarse grind is best for cold brew. As always, we recommend grinding fresh for each brew, however you can use preground coffee too.

Coffee roasted either for filter or for espresso can be used. For a bright, fruity brew to drink black, we recommend using a filter roast. For a bolder brew, and for those adding milk, coffee roasted for espresso is best!

See our easy-to-follow guide below for more hints and tips on how to brew stovetop coffee, and if you have any unanswered questions, see our FAQ.

How to brew Cold Brew Coffee

How Long? 12-24 hours

How Much? $69.95 for a 2L Toddy

What You'll Need: 2L Toddy including felt filter, rubber stopper and carafe, Toddy filter paper, scales, 320g coffee, 2L filtered water

Master brewing Cold Brew by following our easy steps below!

Cold Brew Coffee Guide


Here's the step-by-step guide to Cold Brew Coffee

1. Prepare the Toddy for the brew.

Insert the rubber stopper into the bottom of the brewing container. Dampen the felt disk-shaped filter and insert it into place inside the brewer. Open the paper filter and insert into the brewer.

2. Brew.

Weigh 320g of coffee, and if you’re grinding fresh to order, grind it coarsely. Place the coffee inside the paper filter and gently pour the 2L of cold filtered water on top. Stir the brew gently to ensure the grinds are evenly saturated, being careful not to damage the paper filter. Tightly twice the top of the filter to close it.

Allow to brew for 8-12 hours.

3. Filter.

Sit the Toddy brew container on top of the carafe and remove the rubber stopper. Let the coffee decant into the caraf, then remove and discard the paper filter and coffee grounds. Take the felt filter out of the brewer and rinse with water only. Keep the felt filter in an airtight container in the freezer.

4. Serve

Serve how you like, diluted with either filtered water, sparkling water, or your choice of milk, over ice. Start with a 1:2 ratio and play around to suit your taste. The coffee concentrate will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator

Ready to make Cold Brew?

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Your Cold Brew Coffee Questions, Answered

Here are the most common questions we receive regarding Cold Brew Coffee. If you have any more questions, please get in contact!

Cold brew is generally brewed as a concentrate, with a comparatively small brew ratio over a long period of time. As a straight beverage it is stronger, although people usually drink it diluted with either water or milk.

You can use either filter roast or espresso roast coffee, depending on your preferences. An espresso roast will result in a bolder flavour and bigger body, with lower acidity so it’s suited to the addition of milk. Filter roast coffee will result in a lighter body, with higher acidity, suited to be enjoyed black.

We suggest starting with a brew ratio of about 1 part coffee to 6 parts water. You can adjust it from there based on your taste preferences.

We suggest enjoying everything in moderation! In some ways, black coffee can be considered healthier than drinks with added dairy or alternative milks. It is also claimed that coffee filtered through paper is healthier as the filter reduces the amount of cafestol in the final beverage. Cafestol is an oil in coffee that is claimed to raise cholesterol in high doses. If you’re concerned, we suggest speaking to a medical professional!

Pros: sweeter with less acidity, no specialised equipment required, stable and can be kept for a couple of weeks, concentrate, so you get a lot of serves, Cons: takes a long time to brew

Typically, iced coffee is made with hot brewed espresso that is served over ice with the addition of milk, and perhaps cream or icecream. Cold Brew is brewed cold, and is most often served black, although with the right coffee choice, it can be suited to serving with a dash of milk.

If your cold brew tastes bitter, check to ensure you’re using a very coarse grind. Because the brew time is so long, using a fine grind can cause the resulting brew to taste bitter. You could also reduce your brew time, or try using a lighter roast.

Cold brew is a full immersion method, meaning it will contain coffee particles and will need to be filtered. If you have filtered the cold brew and it still contains sediment, try using a finer filter.

The flavour of cold brew can actually develop nicely over a few days, but we recommend drinking cold brew within two weeks of brewing. Ensure your equipment is clean, including storage and your cold brew should last a couple of weeks. We recommend brewing smaller amounts more regularly to keep the coffee fresh.

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