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Need to fuel your workplace with the good stuff? We’ve got you covered! Choose from one of our favourite espresso options as a once off order or a recurring love affair. If you need to level up your coffee game - check out our office equipment must have items!

Any questions? Call us on 03 9380 8225 and a Padre team member can help you though the process.

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Choose your Coffee

From $0.72c a cup, it’s a no brainer. The hard part might be picking a coffee – but don’t panic, we’ve popped down what notes we’re experiencing in each cup to help you through the journey!

Daddy's Girl Espresso Blend

Rich, Creamy, Caramel, Sweet Milk Chocolate


Seasonal Espresso Blend

Malt, Toffee, Caramel, Almonds


Lucky Boy Espresso Blend

Vanilla, Orange, Hazelnut Praline, Milk Chocolate


Wild Child Organic Espresso

Pear, Honey, Toffee, Dark Chocolate


Hey Buddy Filter

Juicy Berries, Apricot, Creamy Caramel, Hazelnut


How much coffee?

Whether your office crew is filled with caffeine addict’s or the sensible bunch that enjoy a coffee a day to keep the blues at bay - we promise we won’t judge how much coffee you consume daily! For a small, medium or party pack size choose from the following options!

4 Kgs



6 Kgs



8 Kgs



10 Kgs



One-Off or Recurring?

A little shy of commitment, no worries, you can check out the goods though a once-off purchase. Or if you’re hooked on a Padre favourite – sign up for a recurring order to keep the love coming your way, it’s that easy!

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