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It might not look it, but the Aeropress is the biggest thing to happen to at-home coffee in years. Winning rave reviews and die-hard fans all across the world and (like any other brewing method worth its salt) inspiring infinite arguments between friends- and strangers- about the best way to brew, the Aeropress is a high-class home coffee revolution in a dish-washable plastic case. If you’re still not convinced, well, the Aeropress even has its own world championship brewing competition.

So what is it that makes the Aeropress so great? Well, it’s striking in its simplicity, empowering in its ease of use and rewarding in the quality of coffee it produces. Made entirely from durable, machine-washable plastic, it’s extremely quick and easy to use, you can take it anywhere, and clean up is a cinch. A coffee on the Aeropress will take just two minutes from start to clean up, and all you need is hot water. It’s compact, light, and practically unbreakable, so you can take it anywhere, and a quick rinse is all that’s needed to clean it after use.

Coffee brewed on an Aeropress is not quite like anything you’ve tasted- it’s a filter brew, yet extracted under pressure, so has the smoothness of filter coffee, but with bold, substantial flavours and the nuance of espresso. The paper filter means it's clean and crisp without the grit of a french press, but is every bit as quick and easy, to prepare. An Aeropress is quick to learn and easy to master, with no complicated or fiddly bits and clear and easily adjusted variables so you can drink the coffee you love, every time. It makes between one and four cups with every brew and, properly prepared, will yield a sweet and delicious cup with loads of body, low acidity and hardly any bitterness.

The Aeropress comes with a pack of paper filters, but for a more nuanced and refined flavour we recommend the Able:Fine filter a reusable stainless steel filter that will last a lifetime. 

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