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Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express


In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti devised the brilliant idea of the unique, original Moka Express. An excellent example of Art Deco, the Moka has a design that has been perfected over the years to make this icon an increasingly ergonomic, elegant device, while maintaining the same functional features that have made it perfect in its simplicity: the collection chamber, octagonal aluminium boiler and unique, inspectable, easy to clean valve.

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The Moka Express is made from food-grade aluminium alloy, which means it's not compatible with some electric or induction cooktops. Happily, we also stock the Bialetti Venus, developed especially for these heat sources.

We recommend an espresso roasted coffee for the Bialetti, finely ground.When using your Bialetti for the first time, make sure you run a couple of brews through before drinking to season it. As with any other brewing device, we'd recommend adjusting your recipe (the temperature of the heat source, how much coffee you're using and how fine it is ground) to get the flavour and texture you want.

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