DripLab Cold Drip System


Self-confessed coffee enthusiast Andrew Harris (and Padre team member) dedicates a lot of his time into researching, experimenting and tinkering to improve the coffee he is brewing. His passion for knowledge has lead to the creation of the super sleek DripLab Cold Drip System - a simple, affordable, cold brewing device for coffee lovers.

Fans of cold drip coffee know its strong points - smooth, clean coffee, free from the acidity and bitterness often found in espresso coffee. Cold drip coffee is great over ice, or mixed with milk for a smooth iced coffee.

Melbourne designed and developed, The DripLab has a 1litre (17 cup) brew capacity and crafted from Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glass and handmade timber. Filters, instruction manual and advanced brewing techniques are included inside the box.

"I feel information should be shared with everyone and not held onto. This led me to starting The DripLab and to the development of my first brewing product: The DripLab Cold-Drip System. I started by breaking down the process of cold-drip, understanding the science behind cold-drip brewing, the solubility of bean choice, roast development, water stability etc, and then developed a cold-drip unit drawing influences from my first cold-drip system."

- Andrew Harris


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