Pallo Steamy Wanda 6mm


Specially designed by the masters of espresso cleaning tools, the Pallo Steamy Wanda is a better, more efficient way to clean your steam wands and portafilter spouts.

Even if you use steam to regularly blow-out milk residue from your steam wand, rust and hard water deposits can accumulate on the inner walls, which is where Wanda comes in. Her special stem and heavy-duty bristles cleans filth that you can't even see, and once you've used one you will never go back.

The Steamy Wanda is by far the easiest, most comfortable and most effective tool for cleaning and maintaining your steam wand. At 6mm it will fit most commercial and home espresso machine steam wands.

**may not be available at all retail stores; please contact us to confirm stock if you intend to purchase from a Padre retail cafe.**

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