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Plunger - Brew Infusion

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Treasured by anyone that likes their coffee strong (or lots of it!) there's a reason plungers are a classic. There's hardly a simpler, easier way to brew coffee for the masses and with the right coffee and technique you can be sure the coffee will be fantastic every time. Rich, mellow and big-bodied, plunger coffee is distinctive and rewarding.

The Brew Infusion Plunger is made with commercial grade borosilicate glass body, encased in a durable prolypropylene frame, with a stainless steel filter.

Available in a range of sizes - small (350ml), medium (600ml) and large (1L), this plunger is suitable for coffee and tea brewing, is 100% dishwasher safe and BPA free.

See our detailed guide to brewing coffee using the plunger technique.


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