Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift (New)

Come summer, nothing beats iced coffee - a truth so well known that for cafes it can be impossible to keep up with demand. The simple and economical Toddy Commercial is here to make sure you never run out, brewing 8+L of smooth and flavourful cold brew per batch.

One of the biggest names in cold brewing, Toddy have made non-electric commercial and home brewing gear for over 50 years. Brewed cold from start to finish, Toddy coffee is characteristically low in acidity and high in flavour, with lovely rich and smooth coffee (or tea) that's perfect on ice or diluted with a splash of cold milk.

The Toddy Commercial System produces 8L of delicious concentrated cold brew at a time - enough to keep even a busy cafe satisfied through Australia's hot and thirsty summer.

This improved system now includes the Toddy Lift - with no squeezing required, the Lift increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch. 

To brew, simply insert the Lift into your Toddy Commercial Brew System feet down, making sure not to obstruct the spigot. Using the Lift as a shelf, insert a filter bag, and add your favourite ground coffee and water to brew. When you have finished brewing, decant the concentrate through the spigot into airtight containers. Close the spigot and let the grounds sit for another 15-30 minutes. Coffee concentrate will continue to flow from the elevated grounds sitting on top of the Lift, into the bottom of the brewing container. Decant the rest of the concentrate and clean your Toddy as per usual! See here for further instructions on using the Lift. 

This new and improved Toddy System does not include paper filters which are required to brew, but you can conveniently find them here.

The Toddy strainer (a secondary filter to ensure the clean, bright texture and flavour of cold brewed coffee) is reusable for up to 50 brews and can be replaced, when necessary, here.

Due to the extended brew time necessary for a tasty cold drip, we recommend using coarsely ground and light-roasted coffee from our filter range - see what's in season. To brew a batch of iced tea with the Toddy, simply use 1kg of loose-leaf tea and 10L of filtered water, brewed for twelve hours. The tea brew will yield 8L of cold-brewed tea concentrate which can be diluted 1:7 before serving. You can read the official brewing instructions over at Toddy's website, here or watch an introductory video online.

The system measures 15.5" high by 12" wide.

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