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Head of Coffee, Fay, writes about our latest Limited Edition Coffee - Costa Rica Black Diamond

Coffee is all about connection. Connection not only to amazing coffees, but to exceptional people. Our love and appreciation for coffees produced by Oscar and Francisca Chacon began in 2015 with a beautiful black honey process from Finca Cumbres de Poas – smooth, sweet and incredibly complex, it was a stunning example of their hard work and dedication to quality, from harvest to cup.

From this moment on, we were captivated and although we didn’t meet right away, we knew that we were supporting a family whose focus was on their community, caring and considering the environment and innovation. Since this introduction to Las Lajas, we have eagerly awaited the beginning of every crop year to source a new coffee, support Oscar and Francisca, and share it with you.

The Costa Rica Gesha Black Diamond exemplifies Oscar and Francisca’s commitment to producing amazing coffees. The deliberate curing procedure is what distinguishes this method from others. Even though it is still a natural process, the drying stage lasts for 15 to 22 days. The procedure is similar to their other natural processes however it is approached with consideration for a different outcome and flavour profile: after stringent harvesting standards, sorting and a day of drying on raised beds to remove the surface humidity, the beans are transferred from the raised beds to the patio for drying.

They then constantly monitor the beans' temperature and movement and dry them slowly to prevent overheating. With this procedure, they aim to achieve a slower-than-normal rate of dehydration and prevent a dramatic rise in temperature – keeping it all under control. According to Oscar, the idea was inspired by the passive drying method used to dry coffee seeds for nurseries so as not to harm the embryo.

By using the Diamond process, they produce coffee that is sweeter, clearer, and brighter and the Gesha Black Diamond is a sparkling example of just that – sweet and complex with notes of blackberry, lavender, red apple, toffee and candied orange.

With every new release of a coffee from Las Lajas, I get to travel back in time - back to March 2019, when I was fortunate enough to visit Costa Rica and meet the lovely Chacon family. It was an amazing day spent at Las Lajas getting to know Francisca and Oscar over coffee and cake. We listened to stories about their family’s legacy, cupped fresh lots, and toured their incredible facilities. Oscar, Francisca, and their children shared their time and space so generously and it was a day that I will never forget.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to return to Las Lajas since, we are extremely excited to support and connect with the Chacon family by showcasing this very special (and very limited) coffee – Gesha Black Diamond.

Love, Fay


Using the classic Hario V60, we use 18g of coffee and aim for a yield of 300g at a ratio of 1:16.6. Our brew time is a total of 2:10 minutes and we use filtered water at a temperature of 96°C.

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