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When it comes to coffee, everyone has their preferences. Here at Padre Coffee, we offer a selection of coffee blends which were developed to suit a variety of brewing methods and of course, flavour preferences.

Each of our blends combines coffee beans from some of the very best coffee regions around the world and each blend is roasted to optimise for a specific flavour profile. In this blog, you will learn about our menu of blends and how they are best enjoyed.

Daddy’s Girl Espresso Blend

Lift your spirits with our best-selling, rich and decadent blend. 

Our Daddy’s Girl (or DG) Blend is a fan-favourite for a reason. The blend of Colombian and Brazilian beans come together like they were made for each other creating soft, yet full bodied flavours. It’s mild acidity makes it the perfect match with milk, and has notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate.

It’s deliciously user-friendly and has acquired a cult following among stovetop and plunger fans as well. DG is our best-selling blend and always will have you coming back for more.

If you brew: espresso, stovetop, plunger
If you drink: latte, flat white, cappuccino, espresso, long black
If you enjoy: milk chocolate, caramel, honey

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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Feel ready to conquer the day with our traditional-style blend. 

Our Seasonal Espresso Blend is straight to the point, and is perfect for those who enjoy a strong, punchy cup of joe. It’s deliciously complex as an espresso and incredibly full-bodied as a latte. Seasonal is a carefully balanced combination of our best drinking Central and South American coffees. This blend has a bright acidity and notes of malt, toffee, caramel and almond.

It’s OG, a Melbourne classic: roasted fresh in Brunswick East since 2008. 

If you brew: espresso, stovetop, plunger
If you drink:espresso, long black, latte, flat white, cappuccino 
If you enjoy: dark chocolate, toffee, almonds

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Golden Rule Espresso Blend

A coffee that tastes good and does good. 

Our Golden Rule Espresso Blend is the first blend to be featured in our Good Coffee Doing Good program in which we partner with organisations to give back, support, and foster our communities - both local and global.

The combination of Guatemalan and Papua New Guinea beans create a delightfully sweet and complex flavour profile with a big, buttery body and orange acidity. You can expect tasting notes of stone fruits, macadamia, dark chocolate, and maple syrup sweetness.

If you’re looking for a blend that you can feel good about, this is the one for you!

If you brew: espresso, stovetop, plunger
If you drink: flat white, latte, cappuccino, espresso, long black
If you enjoy: maple syrup, apricot, macadamia 

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Lucky Boy Espresso Blend

Get your fill of daily goodness with our most approachable blend. 

Lucky Boy is the best place to start if you’re just getting into brewing coffee at home. The blend is delicious as espresso but shines in milk with its incredible sweetness, subtle orange acidity and creamy body.

It’s extremely versatile, winning over lovers of Aeropress and plunger brew methods, as well as espresso drinks. Mainly thanks to its incredibly smooth texture, it’s also the perfect pairing with milk. You really can’t go wrong with Lucky Boy!

If you brew:espresso, stovetop, plunger, cold brew
If you drink:cappuccino, latte, flat white, espresso, long black
If you enjoy: vanilla, orange, hazelnut praline 

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Wild Child Organic Espresso

Satisfy the whole house with our sweet and creamy organic blend. 

100% organic and 100% delicious, Wild Child is smooth and sweet with notes of dried fruit, honey, toffee and dark chocolate in the finish. Its creamy texture is an irresistible match for milk and makes for a delicious espresso coffee.

If you brew: espresso, stovetop, plunger, pourover
If you drink:espresso, long black, latte flat white, cappuccino
If you enjoy: dried fruit, honey, dark chocolate 

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Hey Buddy Filter Blend

One for the filter fans! 

Hey Buddy is a Padre classic and has converted many people into filter-brewing fanatics. The flavour profile is bright, floral and fruity with a profile of juicy berries, apricot, creamy caramel and a hint of hazelnuts. Unbeatable for filter, as well as cold brew, cold drip, plunger and any other alternative brewing methods you may use.

Comprising two excellent single origins; Ethiopia and Brazil, Hey Buddy is the perfect companion for a coffee break.

If you brew:pourover, plunger, Aeropress, cold brew, cold drip, Chemex
If you drink: filter coffee, cold brew, batch brew
If you enjoy: berries, apricot, caramel

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