Meet Kelly Edington, Production Team, QLD

by Amanda Pantas April 06, 2021 3 min read

Kelly joined Padre Coffee in Noosa in 2019, having worked with Padre Coffee as a wholesale partner while running her own cafe in Peregian Beach. Now an accomplished roaster, barista and wholesale account manager, Kelly divides her time between Padre Coffee, her daughter Maya and their super wrinkly dog Jess.

Living on the Sunshine Coast has its advantages, with a busy schedule (like no other) Kelly fits a lot into every day.  Pilates, roasting, full-time Mum, Maya's ballet and school commitments, as well as exercising Jess, it’s go go go.

After studying Health Science at University, and being someone who would never pass the opportunity for something new and adventurous, Kelly took a chance after graduating and moved to Asia to teach English. Living and working in inner Mongolia, she soon became Assistant Manager at a business hotel hosting international visitors.

After moving back to Queensland, Kelly was drawn to the Sunshine Coast where her daughter Maya was born.  Her creative design business, Seven Dandelions, followed soon after.  When Kelly and a friend couldn’t find a nice lampshade in town they started making their own, and this went from markets, to website, to working with interior designers in both the home and commercial settings.

Skal Coffee – a little café in Peregian that she started with her husband Kirk - meanwhile had taken off, the Speciality Coffee wave had hit Queensland and their little piece of paradise grew from a tiny 3m x 3m addition to a fruit and vegetable shop into an entire café.  Juggling Seven Dandelions, parenting a little one and running their own café, Kelly eventually sold Seven Dandelions to focus on Skal.  

Kelly now works full time for the Queensland wholesale team and you'll find her roasting coffee, checking in on our café partners or dropping in to deliver your order and say hello. 

Always ready with a smile, a wave, and some friendly advice, Kelly is always dreaming about exotic furnishings and plotting her Pinterest board.

What’s the most exciting part of your role?

People! I love the people contact.

I was drawn to working in cafes as a small business owner for the sense of community and camaraderie that this brings.  I really enjoyed being part of the café community for the connections.  I’ve always found myself being drawn to the people aspect of any role I have worked in.

Padre Coffee, being a big family (with Melbourne, our wholesale partners and the Specialist Espresso team) means there is always something going on. I love being part of the wholesale team as I get to interact with so many gorgeous customers; this makes my day.  

What’s something you hope to focus on this year?

This year is all about establishing routine for me. We’ve had big changes over the last 18 months (both personally and with the business in Noosa) and as exciting as this is I am someone who thrives on routines and order. 

The challenge this year is to focus on building on the success we’ve had over the last couple of years and developing my skills and my team.

What three words would you use to describe your role?

Varied, busy and fun! We do a lot of different things including supporting the other businesses in the group. I love the variation (it’s hectic at times) but rewarding and fun.

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