Keeping the Community Caffeinated at Fitzroy Learning Network

by Bessie Marks April 09, 2021 3 min read

bessie marks fitzroy learning centre FLN

Recently, we were lucky enough to meet and collaborate with the incredible team at the Fitzroy Learning Network. Together with KeepCup and Specialist Espresso, we were thrilled to assist them with improving the coffee setup at their headquarters in Fitzroy, which means freshly brewed, delicious, specialty coffee is now available to their community every day. Last month, we were honoured to attend their Harmony Day event, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our community.


Established in 1985, the Fitzroy Learning Network (FLN) is a safe place for refugees, migrants, and people living in social housing to learn and connect. Located on Napier St, opposite the Fitzroy Town Hall, FLN aims to create and facilitate opportunities for social, cultural and economic participation for their community members. They do this by providing education and resources, a friendly community, a welcoming physical place and social support to those who need it.

A not-for-profit and Registered Training Organisation, the FLN offers an array of courses. These range from accredited English language courses, to pre-accredited and community courses on topics such as computing, craft and sewing, gardening and pathways to employment.

julia gregg bessie marks

Julia Gregg and Bessie Marks at the FLN Harmony Day Community Lunch


We jumped at the opportunity to support this incredible organisation when it was presented to us by FLN board member Julia Gregg. We first met Julia through her role as Marketing and Communications Manager at Contemporary Arts Precincts, the organisation responsible for the development of Collingwood Yards. Designed to provide an affordable home for artists and arts organisations, Collingwood Yards will also be home to our newest retail store. More on this in the coming weeks! 

Julia introduced us to the friendly team at FLN, including CEO Jane Tonkin and Accredited Training Manager Nicole Adornetto and together we discussed how we could improve their coffee facilities and make the great leap away from instant!

Accredited Training Manager Nicole Adornetto pouring some batch brew; Delicious food by Kinfolk Enterprises


In collaboration with our good friends at KeepCup and Specialist Espresso we were able to set the FLN up with a bank of colourful reusable cups, a state-of-the-art batch brewer, grinder and delicious specialty coffee, of course. Going forward, coffee will be donated on a weekly rotation by us, along with our peers at St Ali, Seven Seeds and Veneziano. We couldn’t be prouder to help keep the staff, students and wider community at FLN well caffeinated with freshly brewed coffee!

Harmony Day at the FLN!


Last month we were honoured to be invited to attend FLN’s annual Harmony Day Community Lunch, and join them in celebrating the cultural diversity of our community. The day was filled with delicious food by Kinfolk Enterprises, a beautiful cake made by Eugenia Cakes (a business run by a former student of the FLN) and incredible music by African drumming group Super Mande Percussion.

 super mande percussion

Super Mande Percussion performing at the FLN Harmony Day celebration


The attendees were also invited to grow a harmony tree together by writing our personal meaning of harmony on paper leaves and sticking them to the branches. It was a beautiful opportunity to meet, connect and explore the FLN headquarters including their beautiful courtyard and the gorgeous Condell StReserve, just next door.


fln fitzroy learning network

The lush communal veggie garden at the FLN


We’re so excited to continue working with the Fitzroy Learning Network into the future, and we’re looking to find more ways to support, create and connect with our communities over coffee and more. Being able to collaborate with people and organisations who share our values and provide well needed support and services to our community is what keeps us motivated to keep roasting, grinding and brewing every day.

Fitzroy Learning Network

Keep Cup
Specialist Espresso
Kinfolk Enterprises
Eugenia's Cakes

Super Mande Percussion

St Ali

Seven Seeds


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