Good Coffee Doing Good



Good Coffee Doing Good. Simple name. Endless possibilities.

The Good Coffee Doing Good program is a platform to talk about coffee through the lens of people and community. 

We know the importance of building lasting and meaningful relationships with each other, our customers, suppliers, peers and partners, and we know that nurturing human connection produces better outcomes for everyone involved. Good Coffee Doing Good aims to not only to create recognition of the good work our origin partners do, but to further give back, support and foster our communities both local and global. 

In terms of coffee supply, that means traceability, ethical business practices and sustainability at every step in the supply chain. From enrichment of the communities in which our partners grow and process the coffee, through to the home brewer feeling good about the coffee they’re drinking and the support and care with which we nurture our wholesale partners.

We can't wait to bring you some super delicious coffees, highlight special stories and support our friends all over the world doing incredibly good things.


At any one time, one of our single origin coffees will be endorsed by Good Coffee Doing Good. Along with being ethically and sustainably sourced, this coffee will spotlight and celebrate our friends all over the world doing good things at origin or locally. 


Purchase the coffee with the Good Coffee Doing Good mark! The coffee will be available online and in our stores. You can also purchase Good Coffee Doing Good merchandise - find them here


We've partnered with Long Miles Coffee in Burundi to support Trees for Kibira, a reforestation project that aims to protect the Burundian coffee communities from environmental threat and in turn, the livelihoods of the farming families.

We're giving back $2 from every 250g of the Burundi Ninisold online and in our stores directly to Trees for Kibira. 

Learn more about the incredible Long Miles Coffee team and the project here

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