Espresso Coffees

Our espresso blends - Seasonal, Daddy's Girl, Lucky Boy and the infamous Wild Child, are continually refined to provide high quality, year-round flavour profiles.

As some growing regions come into season and others move on, we rework our blends (gradually and deliberately) to ensure the highest quality and unique flavour profiles are maintained throughout the seasons.  As we are a small business and roast small batches, we generally manage to keep the same producers year on year, with small adjustments to account for seasonal availability.

All of our blends shine as espresso (the intent) and work equally well with milk.  Some lighter some stronger to account for different tastes and drinking styles, but all delicious, beautiful coffees.

Single Origin Coffees

We curate an ever changing range of single origin coffees, this is our thing, this is where we started, this is what gets us excited.  We don't source single origins to hide their uniqueness, or shy away from their 'delicate roses petal flavoured profiles',  we source our single origins (in fact all of our coffees) not only new interesting producers and varietals, but also to support the great work our producer partners do in improving every year, planting a new varietal or trying a new process, or bringing new producers onto the scene and showcasing their coffees.  

Our range is continually updated as coffees we have sourced become available and old favourites run out. Due to the diverse and ever changing landscape (and size of some producers) we can see coffees come and go in a the blink of a few weeks through to coffees coming back year on year to feature and dazzle.

This seasonal availability dictates the workload for our sourcing and sustainability program and keeps us on the inevitable search for improvement and the delicate balancing act that this requires.

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